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New Indian Parts
"Can you get parts for that old Indian?" you're sometimes asked  - but obviously the folks asking don't read the VI! I am constantly surprised by how many new and exciting parts we get for this page. We can probably get more parts now for at least the most popular models than when they were new. If you are one of those good people making parts for our Indians, drop me a note and I'll do my best to have your parts on this page in the next issue. Moen
741 Manual/Parts CD. David Brailey in Australia has compiled a CD with factory material for 741 Scouts. It contains the Maintenance and Operation Manual, Parts and Price List and some additional material. The CD is available from dealers in Australia, NZ and USA, and from Indian Parts Europe in (yeah) Europe. 

Contact David for more information (also about his other CDs which include BSAs and Jeeps).

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741 CD from David Brailey
Indian Parts Europe is introducing a range of stainless parts soon. Among them are these new stainless pushrod guides and valve covers for Chiefs, which will be available in September. 

The covers are o-ring sealed and the pushrod guides have bronze liners with spiral oil grooves. Both guides and covers have been road tested over more than a year with great results. They can be left as is, polished or blasted for that cad plated look. Valve covers fit original pushrod guides. 

Stainless pushrod guides and o-ring valve covers will also be available for 741 and Sport Scout (click top pic to the right of here to see them).

Other cool stainless parts coming in September include the knurled nut for the clutch worm (actually a complete kit with a lipped oil seal), and probably also the worm lever. Clutch and brake rods as well as various plugs etc will also be available in stainless. Stay tuned.

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Stainless pushrod guides, valve covers and clutch worm sealing kit from IPE
These super looking CNC machined 1937-45 wheel hubs from Mark Hill are a little embarassing. By no means to Mark (the hubs look fabulous), but to me - as I have mislaid the information that was supposed to go with the photo... I haven't been able to get hold of Mark before going online, so you have to contact Mark at yourself for details - or wait for the next issue of the VI. If you need 1946-53 hubs, look in VI back issues #8 here and #6 here. Click to view full size
1937-45 hubs from Mark Hill
One common problem with 741 cases (at least in Europe where they have led a hard life) is broken drive side bearing "noses". Indian Parts Europe has a neat fix for that. New drive side bearing housings which restore the outer end of the nose. The housings are fastened inside the case with a nut like on Chiefs. Also in the picture bearing nut with oil seal from Abbott Indian (available from IPE) - and the shaft peeking out is the first of the IPE hybrid shafts for Sportster flywheels... 

IPE also has '48 Chief-style pinion housings for 741 and other Scouts, allowing bearing races to be line honed (as they should be). To fit the new pinion housings, you have to remove the rim of the race bore in the case, like the factory did on the Chiefs in 1948 (small operation). Use stock 924014 Chief washer and 50250 snap ring. For the full hot setup, use modern pinion oil seal.

The first prototype IPE 45" stroker kits for 741 are ready and are right now being built up for road testing. The kit contains new pinion- and drive shafts + a special thrust washer adapter for the pinion side flywheel. Use any year (ironhead) Sportster flywheel, rod and crankpin assembly, which is easier to find locally than to ship from Denmark. Thrust washers, retaining pins, nuts etc are stock Indian parts, available from any Indian dealer. Apart from rebuilding the rods etc, you have to lathe turn a recess for the thrust washer on the drive side wheel, mount the adapter on the pinion side wheel (countersunk screws and Loctite), and drill/fit thrust washer retaining pins. Full instructions with kits. To get 45" from your 741, cylinders need to be overbored (same size that gives 37" with stock stroke), and pistons will be available too when kits are released for sale after testing -hopefully this winter.

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741 nose job, sealed bearing nut and stroker shaft from IPE

Click to view full size (bearing race in pic is a prototype - production version will have neater cam cutout)
Hot 741 pinion side setup from IPE

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IPE 45" stroker parts for 741

More amazing 1938-42 Indian 4 parts from Jeff Hiatt of Hiatt Motocycle

Connecting rods (shown in VI #10) will accept a modern production insert bearing without the need for bearing shims. H-beam design, larger wrist pin, forged steel, shot peened for stress relief and magnafluxed. Absolute top shelf product. USA made, designed specifically for Indian four. 

New pistons for above rods are forged from virgin aluminum by a premier racing piston manufacturer. Again, purpose made for the Indian four and manufactured specifically for use with Jeff's rods. Jeff says: "Available in one size only... BIG. My intention is to bore to max. size, sleeve cylinders with ductile sleeve, and run big pistons for real performance and much longer service from top ends. These two components (plus bearings, rings and pins) are available as a complete set only because of changes in rod/piston design parameters. They will NOT work as replacements for stock parts. Requires crankshaft grinding to specific size".

Also Jeff now has exact reproduction late model Indian 4 tappet covers and rocker covers available and should have exact reproduction 38-42 intake manifolds ready for Davenport.

I also got a couple of photos of some great looking transmission gears, but didn't get around to asking Jeff for details before he left for Davenport, so you have to ask him yourself or wait for more info in the next VI.

Other new parts for 38-42 Fours: Redesigned oil filters. Beveled gear sets. Valve guides. Valves. Valve springs. Gasket sets.

In the works: CORRECT rocker towers and rocker arms with needle bearings, sleeves, and hardened washers.

Next issue I really hope we can get all our ducks in a row and get that dealer page done. Jeff's dedication to improving the late Indian 4's and the standard of his work is truly an inspiration to everybody in the industry. As a small sample, here's a shot of his new align boring machine, and here's the latest on his tank rebuild setup (Jeff is one of the top rebuilder of Indian tanks in addition to his Indian 4 work): "On the tank front, I now have CNC laser cut mounting brackets for sale or replacement for chiefs/fours. No scouts yet. They are intended to be welded on and do not have rivet or solder holes in them. They are perfect size and shape. Also got some new toys for metal shaping. They are great. I'm able to get the tanks extremely smooth.  References upon request.  They come out super nice." Stay tuned...

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Hiatt forged pistons

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Hiatt transmision gears

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Hiatt oil filter (neat or what?)

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Hiatt align boring machine

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Hiatt tank assembly jig

Abbott Indian is really at the cutting edge of Indian parts. Rick Abbott is just now finishing a prototype billet aluminum distributor for the Dreamcatcher Streamliner. Rick says: "6061-T6 aluminum housing, aircraft bearings, titanium center shaft, I can make these pretty cheaply if we get enough interest.  A stock dizzy minus cap, rotor, and points weight 540 grams, mine came in a 290. 250 grams saving probably makes no big deal on the street, but to Rocky that's almost 1/2 pound". Contact Rick at:

The distributor is designed to take the IPE electronic ignition.  A new batch of these kits is being made right now, and will be available soon from the following sources: Kiwi Indian Parts in USA. Parker Indian in Australia and Paul Hanes in New Zealand.

More and more Indian riders come to believe that electronic ignition is a real improvement, and other electronic ignition kits are available from Oregon Vintage and Rocky's Antique Parts. We hope to be able to bring an article about electronic ignition for Indians in a future issue.

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Abbott Indian billet aluminum distributor prototype for 
IPE electronic ignition kit

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IPE electronic ignition

New parts from Michael Breeding in heat treated 4140 chromoly steel:
Chief Lower Fork Stem Assy., 1946-1948
741 Lower Fork Stem Assy.
Sport Scout Lower Fork Stem Assy., 1939-1942
741 Upper and Lower Fork Links

Other new parts from Michael:
Saddle Front Connections 1934-1937 + 1938-1939
Saddle Rear Connections 1934-1937 + 1938-1939
Dispatch Tow Body Hinge Assys.
Dispatch Tow Spring and Body Saddle
741 Generator Bracket
Leaf Spring Pack Wedges
Chief Steel Intake Manifolds with brass rings

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Fork and saddle parts are among the new parts from Michael Breeding. More on the New & Coming Parts page of Michael's website

Rob of writes: "I have really enjoyed reading the Virtual Indian website. In fact, when I read the articles that you have published regarding casting your own cases, it inspired me to start making something in my garage for the antique bike hobby. It took me a while to come up with something that I could do that anyone would be interested in (much less pay for!), but I think I finally hit on something. Remember seeing license plate toppers on cars in the 40's and 50's? I have started cnc milling license toppers for motorcycles. I have an Indian design that just says "Indian" and I am working on one that also has the Chief's image on it. I have been selling them for $25 each plus shipping costs." Click to view full size
License Plate Topper
from Bubbas Billet
Indian Parts Europe in Denmark has one of the world's largest ranges of parts for 101 Scouts (enough to make up a complete reproduction rolling chassis + most engine and transmission parts), being worldwide distributor of Jürgen Hecker's Hecker101 parts, and new parts are being added all the time.

Among the new 101 parts from IPE/Hecker101 are authentic Corbin speedometer drive cables (nickel plated and with ball bearing) and cast iron bodies for the generator drive. Also in stock are nice reproduction Klaxon 11 horns and brackets for frame and handlebars.

IPE is European Distributor for Kiwi Indian Parts, King Clutch, James Gaskets and has quite a few other interesting Indian parts, so you can be pretty sure to find what you need there. If what you need isn't in stock the friendly IPE crew (which is actually only one guy - the editor of the page you are reading here) will go to great lengths to get it for you fast. 

The IPE website will be updated in September (as soon as I get over the VI!) with a bunch of new parts, so stay tuned.

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Speedo cable (note ball bearing), generator drive prototype, Klaxon horn and brackets from IPE
Latest update on Kiwi's 84" engine. Mike says: 

To bring you folks up to date on the Kiwi 84" engine and the cross country ride. I am very pleased to announce that I only had to pull out wrenches to adjust the rear chain. The bike ran faultlessly with not 1 single problem or oil leak. Most of the cruising speed was 65-70 mph over mostly secondary roads however about 1000 miles were freeway miles (in order to make time). Total mileage was almost 6500. All riding was done with out any back up vehicle and I only had 1 riding companion for the first 1000 miles, no music and no windshield. 

I want to give some very special thanks to some folks that made it possible. Ziggy for driving the Kiwi Freightliner to the meets and Ed Glasgow for driving it to the NY road run. Without these guys help it would not have been possible for me to ride all the way across and to the NY road run. Jeff Hiatt and Steve Johnston (Indianapolis) for taking care of an oil change, grease up and general service. Kirby Perkins in Kansas for an oil change. These guys took care of me extremely well.

I have to report that I am extremely impressed with James' new multi layered steel and coated head gaskets. I'm glad that we riders finally now have the most modern head gaskets available to us. I gave them hell at times and they did the job very well. I've also fitted them to our 80" fully loaded sidecar test rig without any problems or settling. I'm impressed James. (I hope we can bring more details of the gaskets in the next VI. Moen)

Our aim is to manufacture an engine that will run from Los Angeles to Springfield Mass (and then even more) without anyone having to put a wrench to it and that includes no tappet adjustments. The tappets have not moved .001". I attribute that to the good alloys used for our cams, followers, pushrods and valve stem stellite tips, etc.

I have to say that the best and most convenient oil change I ever made was I cruised into a resturant for lunch, ordered lunch, asked the waitress for an old 1 gal can. I went to the bike and pulled out my quick drain and let it pee into the can and returned to my table. Once done with lunch I unplugged the quick drain, fitted a new oil filter and filled the oil tank up with oil. I then asked her where I could put the old oil and she replied "just put it over there and I'll take it to the recycle for you after work". I couldn't tip her enough. Good ole Arkansas hospitality, ya just gotta love it. 

See you all at Davenport

Happy riding
Kiwi Mike Tomas

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Mike on the Kiwi 84"

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Kiwi engine in all its splendor

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Steve Adams going coast-to-coast on the Kiwi 84" on the Century Ride Home last year

New parts from Kiwi Indian:

Stainless steel control cables made to the orig diameter. Kiwi has also reproduced the nuts to be exactly like the original. Nuts and cables are fully interchangeable with original cables. More info, write

A well-known Indian enthusiast in San Francisco recently took delivery of the first 401 rolling chassis from Hecker101. Stay tuned for further developments! (more photos here).

IPE is also working on something similar for 1936-39 rigid frame Chiefs, and already has the frame and forks (and forks for 40-44 Chiefs). It will probably be a while yet before a complete rolling chassis is ready.

Photo by Don Snowdon - Click to view full size
401 Rolling Chassis from Hecker101/IPE
Last minute file. The sketch to the right of here just ticked in from our French office, but there was no way to get official confirmation before going online. It is the long-awaited Alton Autolite-replacement alternator, supposedly being available now after a false start or two. The Alton has been produced for British bikes for some years now, and the adaptation for Indians came about in cooperation with the VI back in 1999. The permanent magnet alternator with internal electronic rectifier and regulator puts out 150W at 12V. Stay tuned... Click to view full size
Sketch of Alton alternator - direct replacement for Autolites
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