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Ziggy of Ziggy's Motor Works in Seattle, WA (except he just moved to Port Orchard, WA) is of course well known on the US swap meet circuit, but there's probably still a lot of people who are not aware of all he has to offer.

Ziggy's main line is high quality parts for Chiefs and Sport Scouts. Among them the exact reproduction 1946-52 Chief wheel hubs seen here.

These hubs have an investment cast body and formed steel flange, silver soldered together after exact machining (for original type bearings). Just like the original factory hubs. The hubs will retail for US$150.00 (production run still in progress).

More info, email ziggysmotorwork@aol.com

Hopefully there wil be more parts from Ziggy here the coming months. His Chief parts are certainly interesting enough (for a 1500 mile road test of his seat posts, check this out!), but what sets him apart from most of the other US parts suppliers is his range of Scout parts. Stay tuned.

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 Address & phone number here

1946-53 Chief hub

Juergen Mattern in Germany probably has the most complete range of parts for Chiefs and 741s on this side of the Atlantic. New this month, of special interest to Military Indian fanciers:

Saddle bags, Army style: US$257.00

Thompson holster, thick leather as original: US$90.00

18" Rims for Sport Scouts and 741, bare steel for paint or chrome: US$90.00

Spokes, chrome, with stainless or black nipples: US$82.00/set.

More on Juergen's site here: www.indian-teile.com

Saddle bags


VI Lister and magazine writer Stan Jessup is adding new parts to his King Clutch website at a pretty fast rate. Last time I looked, Stan had battery 'minders' (for keeping the battery topped up), repro Indian batteries, Moto Valves, cheap plunger tools, neon signs, King clutch kits (of course), and this little item that caught my eye. Stan says:

These Indian Spin on Oil Filter Kits are complete with everything for installation (except oil), and use common spin on filters available at your local auto supply store. They fit on the coil deck, without the need to relocate your coil! Once I was satisfied with the fit of the bracket on several sets of cases, I sent units to other Indian owners for testing and evaluation. Obviously, everyone may not want to run an external filter, but you should be running some type of filter on your engine. Note the pump gears removed from an unfiltered system. The advantage with this kit is its cost and local availability of replacement filters. The complete kit price is only $40 + $4 Priority Mail in US. These kits are available for immediate shipping. 

Fitting instructions, tester feedback and more info on Stan's site here: www.geocities.com/kingclutch/Filter.html

Stan's main page here: www.geocities.com/kingclutch/

More on oil filters (and other oil pump stuff): virtualindian.org/projop.htm

Do you make Indian parts? Want to see them here? 

Write us at moen@get2net.dk

Filter is vertical for less mess

Prototype on Stan's 48

Complete kit

Gears from pump running unfiltered oil

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