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Virtual Indian Booth at Davenport Meet.
Davenport is nearly upon us! As most of you are aware, the Chief Blackhawk Chapter of the AMCA holds what has to be the largest vintage motorcycle meet on the planet. This is a three day event (Sept. 1-3) held at the Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds at Davenport, Iowa USA. where an international display of classic hardware lives and breathes in the open air. Thousands attend this free event to walk among the hundreds of museum-quality machines, in spite of the danger of being run over by a Humpback in a hurry, or intoxication from the delightful smell of burning castor during the spectacular Races held on Friday night.

And the 700 vendor booths bring together everyone from our favorite elite SCD's (Southern California Distributors) right down to local good-ol'-boys with their barn pickin's.

And Virtual Indian itself will have a booth where we can meet to inspect first -hand many of the projects and products that have been developed. And we shall brainstorm some more! Expect to see the Warpath engine cases, Rick's 101 racer, the CE generators (which will be for sale with a 2 year warranty), a selection of the products seen in this magazine as well as several VI Listers and magazine contributors. Oh, and "Fasst" Jim Wall's Scout will be in the races Friday night! See you there!

Click on pictures for more info

More Davenport info here.

The VI booth wil be at W-2, or the next to the end booth on the east perimeter of the main vendor area closest to the usual race gate.

More updates will be posted here, so check this page before you go.

Full story in the September VI!

Virtual Indian at Tenino Meet.
Tenino is a very small town located half way between Portland, OR., and Seattle, WA. which opens the city park for the swap meet and show each year. If memory serves, the host club is the Evergreen Chapter of AMCA. Each year, the Tenino Drill Team performs for the crowd in front of the park. There is no gate charge, no parking fees, and I believe the space rent is $30. They charge a couple bucks for camping if you want to sleep in the park. This is a no hype event, where everyone goes to have a good time, and buy or sell a few vintage parts. I've never seen attendance figures, probably because there is no admission gate. The event is held the third weekend in August (18-20 this year), so if you find yourself in the area, stop on in, and dig up some new old parts. Stan.

There will be VI info material, probably some VI related parts on exhibition, and KING clutches (The NW debut for KING?) for sale at VI mainstay Stan Jessup's booth at the meet. Stan will bring his '48 Chief (KING clutch installed!) as a demo bike. VI Listers and readers stop by and say hi.

More Tenino info here.

Full story in the September VI!


'46-'48 Chief fork update.
Dave Molnar from Impax Mfg. in Ontario, Canada has just shipped one set of '46-'48 forks (down tubes only) to David Hansen of "The Shop" in Ventura California. Due to lack of orders with deposits on the '46-'48 Chief forks, the project has been put on hold but not forgotten. As Dave is now long haul trucking, spare time is limited. A firm order of a few sets of forks would be appreciated and definitely speed things up! Contact Dave at:

'46-'48 Chief forks.
New '46-'53 Chief Hubs.
This one just came in on the VI newsroom ticker:
I have just machined an order for wheel hubs that fit '46 to '53 Indians. These are solid one piece construction, CNC machined. I ran an order of 100 a month ago, I have 30 left. See attached pic. They sell for $175.00 US + shipping each or $145.00 US + shipping for multiple orders and Dealer inquiries. Everyone that has purchased them have all been very pleased with fit and finish. Please call at 1-740-327-7025 or email me at Thanks, Jeff. 

Billet Chief hubs.
Replacement Chief frames?
Actually 2 of them. Maybe. VI Lister Frank Woslum is working on construction drawings for an all-welded (no castings) Chief replacement frame, that promises to be a cheap way of getting frame-less Chief projects back on the road, if only until a genuine frame turns up. These frames would be perfect for low-buck bobber projects too, and Frank is takling about 2 versions: a stock style frame and a chopper frame. Both will be rigid. Frank may be at the Tenino meet with the frame plans for your feedback. More soon... Gary Stark of Starklite Cycle asked on the Starklite mailing list if people would prefer authentic replica frames or more affordable "almost" frames like the VI project above if production of new frames were to be started. So far the feedback that hasn't gone privately to Gary seems to be 50/50. More about this soon too...
More New Chief (and other) Frames offered here!

Manufacturer of Indian Parts??
TELL us about your stuff so we can pass the word. It makes sense, no?


Splitdorf/Autolite Parts.
As well as the biggest collection of info on Indian electrics on the www, Steve Blancard also has many interesting and hard to find parts for sale on a limited basis on his website. A couple of examples to the right of here (click for more details). If you are interested in working on your Indian electrics yourself, do check out the great DIY resources on Steve's site. There's also a lot of useful reference material and other interesting material. If you have a "Vertical" Indian, this might interest you:

Id like to hear from 49-52 Vertical twin and singles owners who are interested in new made high tension magneto caps.  I have received a sample Edison AJ-2 (twin cylinder) magneto cap and can also get the AJ-1 (single cylinder) cap.  These are a very limited production.  I dont have an AJ mag to try it on, but it looks very nice with all the correct wording molded into the cap.

If there is interest, I will get more.  Unfortunately, because of their very limited production I can only get a couple of each type at a time.

Price is not firm, but will be somewhere around $80 for the AJ-2 and $65 for the AJ-1, plus shipping.

Whos interested?

Steve Blancard

DU-7 Electronic Cutout. 
Price - $65.00 

14 tooth Pinion Gear, DU-5H and DU-7H. Indian P/N T7116. 
Price - $65.00 

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