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 Assault on the Salt
 By Rick "Rocky" Dillinger
Tuesday, July 30, was an upending day. Our departure is one week away and there is a lot to do. Its around 5 PM and Ron and I are working feverishly to get engine ready. Phone rings, its Al, he has lost his balls and is bailing out. No transportation. Too much left to do on streamliner, packing spares let alone trying to find truck and trailer. After trying for 2 days to find answers I decide reluctantly to cancel our trip to Bonneville Salt Flats for Speed Week 2002.

After much searching for answers I remember how my grandmother would speak of the spiritual leader Iktomi weaving a web to catch the good things in life and to let the bad things pass through and be gone. "Dream Catcher." Yes, it was a good choice of a name for a dream to capture a Land Speed Record on an Indian Motorcycle. The bad things in my cycle of life tried to catch me but did not. Good bye Al.

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Rocky and Dream Catcher

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Dream Catcher

We now have Jack Cohan to assist us locally with the details of a streamliner. He is a life long friend of Ron Hildebrandt's and a retired industrial engineer. I have found a good person here.

The World Finals are held October 16 - 19 at Bonneville and we intend to be there to set a World Land Speed Record in the 650 cc S/VG class with a 45 CI factory racing engine, not our big base engine but the engine from William Kelly's #42 machine. For running a flat head engine we are allowed a 1 class break on displacement. Original plans drawn up by me included 2 other engines, but there is a whole lot more involved in running a streamliner than I ever envisioned. Hopefully we can finish the Warpath engine and our turbo 80 CI chief with trick KIWI heads for next year.

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Working on chassis
We also had a jeep crash through garage door at Hildebrandt"s Performance and land on top of "Dream Catcher" with only a scratch on paint. And it pushed it forward 5 feet and was on top of the body. Yes, I feel comfortable riding in the cockpit knowing that if I get upside down it will survive. I hope we never do that test again.

Ron and I did an extended engine run at 3500 RPM and noticed an unlikely force of shaking. Tomorrow I am redoing engine mounts with 5/8 inch studs. This should resolve this problem. 

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Strong cockpit
I would like to thank Moen and IPE for their electronic ignition kit. It really produces a hot spark and allows us to have a perfect firing sequence. At present we are awaiting a new aluminum billet distributor from Abbott Machine to help reduce engine weight.

Transportation plans. This was our weak link, but we just  found a shuttle bus in Kentucky that should serve as transportation and Dream Catcher's own garage. It is 22 feet inside and with a fold down rear door should work fine.

We are considering changing the oil pump over to the aluminum pump to increase oil flow for sustained RPM's. This should be an easy adaptation.

In the VI archives there is a wonderful article about flywheel theory and chassis stiffness. Really great reading, thanks Moen. I now understand what performance calculation I forgot when we designed the engine mounts. I spent today changing from 3/8 bolts to 5/8 studs. No biggie.

I need to mention that I am giving special thanks to my pit crew, Ron Hildebrandt, crew chief, Jack Cohan, Lyle Landstrom, Rick Abbot and Reg Brooks. Also all our sponsors as listed on our web page.

And I must inform the VI readers of a new sponsor for Dream Catcher. The Shop in California. They hold a record in M/VG at Bonneville and they have been extremely helpful with part selection and advise as to what works and where to start on the salt. We will be adding them to our sponsor page. Thanks Dave.

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New bus!

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