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Summer 2002
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Phew, another issue out before the last one could celebrate its first anniversary!  Moen
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101 Woes  Fitting Electronic Ignition to a 101 Scout

ALMA Four  Mads Johnsen's DIY Four Project, Part 3

Borrego Springs  SoCal AMCA Road Run

Blue Master or Brother of Arctic Rat - Telescopic Fork Chief #1 

Blueprint Project  This Issue: Luggage Carrier Print

Brownie Betar Stone  Follow-up on Memorial Fundraiser

Chopper Corner  Tim Takes a Look at Rolling Your Own

Dreamcatcher  Indian Land Speed Racing Update

Editorial  by Lyle Landstrom. The VI Connection or Old Meets New

From the VI Mailing List  Aluminum Cylinders, Can They Work?

Garage Raid  Rocky's Antique Parts, Massillon, Ohio

Manifold Leak-Testing  Check and Fix This Common Problem

New Parts  741 CD - Stainless Parts - 1937-45 Hubs - 741 Lower End Parts and Stroker Kit - Parts for Indian 4 - Billet Electronic Distributor - Fork, Saddle and Dispatch Tow Parts - License Plate Toppers - 101 Parts - Kiwi 84" Engine Update - 401 Rolling Chassis - Alton Generator.

Photo Links  Tons of Photos from the VI Mailing List

Practical Basic Electricity 1  Dave Clements' New Tech Series

Reading Airshow Military Meet  Back to When 741's Were New

Stan's Project VI Chief  Part 8 - Telescopic Fork Chief #2

The KING Chief  King Clutch Testbed - Telescopic Fork Chief #3

Vern's Garage  The Coolest Scout Parts in the World!

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More in the Archives!

Blueprint Project  Prints of parts and parts of prints

Dealers  VI Dealer Pages: We hope to get some more done soon.

VI Buyers' Club  Ganging up to get New Parts Made.

VI Exchange  Parts for parts, parts for services, services... 

Warpath Project  Everything about the People's Indian
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New VI T-shirts
New VI T-shirts!

New Indian Parts
New Parts!

Cool Scout Parts from Vern's Garage
More New Parts!

SoCal AMCA Road Run
Borrego Road Run

Garage Raid: Rocky's Antique Parts
NOS Heaven in Ohio

Manifold Leak-Testing
Manifold Leak-Testing

Blue Master Rides again or Brother of Arctic Rat
Telescopic Fork Chief #1

Stan's Project VI Chief
Telescopic Fork Chief #2

Duff's KING Chief
Telescopic Fork Chief #3

Brownie Betar, Indian Dealer and Hillclimber
Brownie Betar Stone

VI #12 will go online when it's ready (winter?)

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