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  Indian Website Review
  New Indian Sites & Old Favorites
  By Moen
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The VI Events page is the place for your club to post info on your upcoming events (really?). I think we need a page where every Indian enthusiast anywhere in the world know they can find info on every upcoming Indian event in their own country and abroad; what better way to spice up a vacation or business trip than to include an Indian club meet or show? The European Indian cubs already cooperate on informing each other of the events of each club, and this page could be seen as an extension of that.

VI Indian Events
There's a lot of talk about Land Speed Racing on the VI Mailing List at the moment (will there be a VI LSR Team in 2001??) as well as an article on it in this issue, as you have probably noticed. The place to go for rules, existing records and contacting the relevant organisations is the Southern California Timing Association website.

Bonneville Racing
The Indian Motorcycle Club of Great Britain has got a new website. As it is brand new, there's not a whole lot of stuff on it yet, but it looks promising! Apart from contact details for the club, events notices, picture archive and such, there's also ads and a "chat room". One small gripe; some of the captions in the picture archives are wrong; Fasst Jim's Scout isn't a "wall of death bike", and the blue "1938 Sport Scout" is a Pony or Jr. Scout, but that's nitpicking... 

Indian Club of GB
Matt Blake has been making high quality Indian fenders for some years now, and will be offering Indian tanks soon too. Matt has a brand new website, and it is pretty neat! The information is easy to find (you click on the year you're interested in; which is a relevant way to go about it, as anyone interested in buying fenders will need them for a specific bike), and there's full illustrations, prices and descriptions of all products. Much extra info on the site as well: You can download fitting instructions for the fenders, which is bound to save some grief. Look for a VI Dealer Page for the Iron Horse Corral soon. 

Iron Horse Corral
Gearhead site of the month is Jeff Diamond's Victory Library in NY. Apart from a modest selection of Indian parts and a handful of very useful Indian tech booklets for sale, Jeff also has a number of Tech Papers well worth studying for anyone into the tech side of Indians. Jeff's focus is mainly HD (and Mopar), but much of it is very relevant to Indians as well. There's tech papers on rod/stroke ratios, Mikuni carb tuning and more - and the latest is flywheel balancing and stroker flywheels! There's also a number of very useful data charts. My dream is to one day get time to ask Jeff to write an article on how to apply all of this to a hot and reliable Indian engine... (How about it Jeff? Sorry I didn't get around to writing you direct about it).

Victory Library
(Notice Ace engine pic from the VI) :-)
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