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December 2000 Features
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Yeah, OK... This issue of the VI has been delayed as usual, but there is so much Indian Stuff happening that it's hard to keep up! Apart from the totally mindblowing amount of new parts from all over the world, there's a lot of fine event and ride stories in this issue - and way cool projects such as Stan's VI Chief, built to test most of the parts first seen on the VI, and Mads' Poor Boy Four project ("Warpath Four"??). Happy New Year everybody, and Happy Birthday Indian! Moen

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Dealers  Check out the VI Dealer Pages: Kiwi & Liberty M/C Specialties

VI Buyers' Club  -So nobody wants a new Chief frame, right? OK...

VI Exchange  Parts for parts, parts for services, services... 

Warpath Project  Everything about the People's Indian project
News (Top)
More in the Archives, New Parts File

Bonneville Lifts  New Valve Lifts for Sport Scouts

Century Ride Home Update  Important News!!

Fenders and Tanks  From Matt Blake's Iron Horse Corral

Gears!  New Improved-Ratio Trans Gears for Chief and Scout

Jump Seats  For Several Models from Charles Qua

Legion Chief Frame update  Complete set of DIY plans for free!

Liberty Rings  PEEK Manifold Seals from Liberty M/C Specialties

New Parts from Hecker 101  Wheels, Books and other Goodies

Newsflash!  Leather Jackets, Oil Pumps and Lots More

Sidecar Bodies  And Other Sheet Metal Magic from New Zealand

Sealed Nut  Sport Scout  Main Bearing Nut with Lip Seal

Stroker Shafts  For HD WL 45" Flywheels in 101 Cases

Warpath Update  Prototype Cam Covers Finished!
Tech (Top)
Archives: Tech File

Blueprint Project   Complete Set of 640 Rear Frame Prints

Danish Four!  Mads Johnsen's DIY Po'Boy Four Project, Part 1
Bikes (Top)
Archives: Bike Feature File

Arctic Rat  Torkel's 1936 Chief is Cooler than an Polar Bear

Chief Project, part 6  Stan Jessup's Project VI Chief up on wheels!

Road Test Jim Jones tests Beginners' Bikes: Indian 249/Buell Blast
Features (Top)
Archives: Features File

Buying Indian Parts on eBay  Tim Pickering Investigates

Garage Raid  Snooping around in Indian Garages Worldwide

Indian Wedding  Going in Style...

OHV Overview  Tim Pickering Charts the History of Upstairs Valves
Events & Rides (Top)
Archives: Events File

Antique Iron Butt  Cambren Davis' Chief went 1000 miles in 24 hours!

Death Valley Run 2000  Fred Johansen (barely) came back alive

International Indian Rally 2000  Andrew Blake went to Austria

NZ Rally 2001  How about going to the first Centennial Rally of 2001?

Ockham 2000  Everybody went to the pub...

Out and About on an Indian Scout  Jim Jones went for a winter ride

SoCal AMCA Run  Tom Lovejoy went on the Carpenteria Overnighter
Racing! (Top)
Archives: Racing File

Bonneville Record  The Shop's Chief goes 126 mph!

Team 3K  Steve Adams on the Karl-Kretz-Kiwi Racing Team
Columns (Top)
Archives: Columns File

Bob Kelley  The Other 101

Chopper Corner  Tim looks at Frames and Unrestored Choppers

Editorial  Moen looks at the what's in store for the VI in 2001 
Media (Top) Archives: Media File

Indian Books  New review: "Art of the Motorcycle" exhibition catalog

VI Book Page  The best listing of Indian books & videos on the www

Website Review  This month's new Indian sites + some old favorites
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Ads  Buy and sell Indians & Indian parts for free

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Tanks and Fenders
Tanks and Fenders

Bonneville Scout Lifts
Bonneville Scout Lifts

Jump Seats
Jump Seats

Liberty Rings manifold seals
Liberty Rings

Warpath cam covers
Warpath Cam Covers

Danish Four
DIY Four Project

Arctic Rat
Arctic Rat

Stan's Chief Project
Chief Project

Indian Wedding
Indian Wedding

Antique Iron Butt
Antique Iron Butt

Death Valley Run
Death Valley Run

2000 Int'l Indian Rally
Austrian Rally

Carpenteria Overnighter
SoCal AMCA Run

Bonneville Record
Bonneville Record

Team 3K Racing
Team 3K Racing

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