December 2000 Project
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 Project ALMA 4 - Part 1
  -A Christmas Sneak Preview
   By Mads Johnsen
Christmas, and the usual question from my girlfriend produces the usual reply: Socks, Tools, Wine, Indian 4.

It's been going on for a couple of years now, and the amounts of socks and wine that have passed through my life have been rather amazing. But no Indian 4. 

See, - I've been riding the Danish version for ten years now, and consistently left it outside after midnight. It steadily refuses to transform itself into the object of my desire, and I'm becoming desperate. If love or magic won't cut it, I find my options for change exhausted!

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Mads' Nimbus.

Enter education! - I plain forgot that I spend six years in the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, studying architecture and industrial design (and having the time of my life). I just might put that to use now. After all, with an original Four being exorbitantly expensive, the Nimbus too small and the Viking just plain ugly, I am being forced to build one myself (the horror, the horror) -at least that's the excuse I'll be sticking to! 

Christmas a year later: Socks, Tools, Wine, Indian 4.

Not wanting to rely on the generosity (or mood) of my girlfriend, I have spurred myself into action.  The inventory for the project has grown nicely the past year: Sad remains of '27 Scout frame, sad remains of '32 HD frame, sad '48 Nimbus gearbox. Add to this the scrapped remains of 70's NSU engine, and inital oil sump prototype castings done - not to mention all the drawings and calculations that finally begin to make this project believable. 

I've been sworn to silence (sort of) and can't reveal any more than what Mads writes about his project here, but we will be getting regular updates on his 
"Four for The People" 
in coming issues of the VI.

As for DIY bikes being kind of a problem in Denmark, happily not too many servants of the state have any idea what an Indian Four or Ace is supposed to look like...

And yes, of course - no 4 under the Christmas tree - just in case you wondered. 

Christmas a year later: Socks, tools, Wine, Indian 4.

Don't laugh. Project going fine. Second and third prototype castings done. Inventory growing as steadily as my girlfriend's stomach. Birth of my first child will coincide with the EU tightening the laws for homebuilt projects. Ah, well - it has always been illegal here in Denmark.


Next Issue of VI: Background and Tech Stuff... Stay Tuned!

Early project pic: NSU engine with DIY sump and clutch housing + Indian forks and frame parts. Notice Nimbus 3 speed gearbox for shaft drive.
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