December 2000 News
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    New Parts from Jürgen Hecker
By Moen

Jürgen Hecker in Germany has a lot of new parts for early model Indians. 

As Jürgen wishes to concentrate on his restoration work, there may be some changes in his parts sale setup early in the new year. This should lead to even faster and more efficient service for customers in Europe, USA and the rest of the world. Hopefully there will be more about this in the next issue of VI, and on Jürgen's website soon.

Besides the parts here (and two neat bikes below), Jürgen has a lot of new literature for Indian and Henderson. All books are high quality copies of the orginals.
Parts Lists DM  US$
Indian Chief and Side Car, 1922-1926 35,- 17.50
Indian Prince, 1925-1928 35,- 17.50
Indian Scout, 1920-1926 35,- 17.50
Indian Scout 101,1928-1931  35,- 17.50
Indian 4, Model 401 35,- 17.50
Henderson de Luxe  35,- 17.50
Rider's Instruction Books
Chief and Scout, 1922-1926, English  25,- 12.50
Indian Prince, 1925-1928, German 25,- 12.50
Indian Scout, Chief, Big Chief, 1922-1926, German  25,- 12.50
Indian Scout 101, 1928-1931, German and English 35,- 17.50
Indian Seventy-Four, Four, Thirty-Fifty, Forty-Five, Dispatch-Tow, 1941-1948, English  25,- 12.50
Sales Catalogs
Indian 1913, English  25,- 12.50
Indian 1914, English 25,- 12.50
Indian Powerplus, English 25,- 12.50
Other Books
Schebler Carburetors Service Station Manual, 1928 25,- 12.50
Correct Lubrication of Indian Motorcycle, 1926  25,- 12.50

For sale: 1929 Scout 101 600ccm complete. Motor is running. Headlamp and Instrument panel are reproduction parts. DM18 500.-  US$9250.00
Powerplus 1919, first owner Ray Shearman from New Zealand. The paint is old restoration from the beginning of the1960's. All parts are orginal. Running condition. DM 38 000.- US$19,000.00  More info from

Lots of other parts (including frame, forks, tanks etc) from Jürgen Hecker have been mentioned in earlier issues of the VI. Look for them on the "New Parts" pages in the VI Archives, or "leaf through" the Back Issues.

Click on pictures for full size

Complete rear wheel with Timken bearings for Scout 101 DM 770.-  US$385.00

Bakelite sprockets for speedometer drive in various sizes DM 30,- US$15.00

 Hollow axle with nuts for Timken bearing front, Chief and Scout  DM 165,- US$82.00 - Hollow axle with nuts for Timken bearing rear, Chief and Scout  DM 145,- US$72.00 - Rear and front center axle, Chief and Scout DM 55,- US$27.00 - Nuts front axle DM 20,- US$10.00 - Nuts rear axle DM 8,- US$4.00

Hollow axle with nuts and bearing for Chief and Scout, front DM 225.- US$112.00 - Rear DM 250.- US$125.00

Tool box lock, new style, DM 155,- US$77.00

Tool box lock, old style, DM 168,- US$84.00

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