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    2000 Oley AMCA Meet
 By Eli Sentman More pictures on Eli's site!
Well another great Oley meet for 2000.The theme bike this year was BMW and there were plenty. Twice as many after a few trips to the bar. Oley has one of the best theme displays of bikes of all themeets. Now for a scoop. You heard it here first. Next year they are trying to represent as many year and models of Indian they can muster from 1902-1953. This should make it a great meet for us deciples of the Wigwam. 

There were tons of vendors this year as usual and even on those huge grounds camping was at a premium. The weather started a little iffy but Saturday was perfect. It was great seeing alot of old friends and trying to remember the names of the new ones after a long winter. I did get to meet a few of the VI list crew which is nice as now I can put faces to a few of
the names. Some of us  are better off if we just keep the face fantasy alive.

Oley has really turned into a Thursday evening thru Saturday evening meet.
Friday night found Bob Tyson (Harmony King of the Road Champion) and myself playing guitars and singing away at Steve Cicilones dinner and Yengling party at Kent Thompsons vendor spot. Then on to the Oley firehouse bar for more fun and games. 

After getting over the shock of John Dubel waking up next to me in my bed in my van Saturday morning it was time for a great Pa. dutch breakfast. That afternoon I had the honor of being invited to Doc Patts' house to view his collection. All I can say  is WOW. His farm has a huge workshop and museum containing some really great bikes  including many race bikes and prototypes such as an Indian Torque Four. Doc gave us the grand tour Telling story after story of the bikes and their history, it was fantastic. After not being able to talk him into adopting us, he gave us each asigned picture of his Ace Flexi Car combo. Doc and the rest of us went out to dinner so we missed the banquet. None of us were upset. We did try to get him drunk enough to change his will to include us but we couldn't. We then went back to the fairgrounds for more debauchery.

Sunday morning came and the meet looked more like a gold rush gone bad. Most of the vendors and campers were gone or close to leaving. I took a stroll around the bikes to be judged then somnolently left. I hope to see some of you at Harmony in June.




Ed Glasgow

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