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June/July 2000 Features

Welcome to yet another issue of the VI mag. Lots of things going on here. The Network is developing nicely, with established dealers joining the fun. We will no doubt see more dealers join as they discover the value of cooperation. Lots of new parts as usual. The new clutch plates have really taken off, and this is a neat example of how the VI can help both riders and manufacturers. Another is Stan's Chief project, wich will live-test a bunch of the parts, you've seen on the VI. The Warpath "People's Indian" is also coming along nicely, and as the engine case patterns near completion, there will be a lot of Warpath stuff in coming issues. If you fancy building a Warpath bike, let's hear about your version! Moen

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Virtual Indian T-shirts!   Dress in style and support the VI. Updated 6.29!

KING Kevlar Clutch update  Tester feedback, new models and dealers.

New Fender Skirts  From Tom Keene (in Titanium, too -for racers!).

New Pinion Shaft Seal  and other Neat News from Kiwi Indian. 

Warpath Engine Case Update  Pattern Progress and Primaries.
Network (Top)
What's the Network about?

Dealers New! VI Dealers' pages. New part of the Network.

VI Buyers' Club  Do you want a new Chief frame? Or ACE forks? Or? 

VI Exchange  Parts for parts, parts for services, services... 

Warpath Project  Monthly page on the Peoples' Indian
Columns (Top)
Archives: Columns File

Bob Kelley  Goes a'riding.

Chopper Corner  Tim Pickering examines Chief Choppers.

Editorial  Our Magazine. Moen says it ain't his.

Gloria Tramontin Struck  Cindy Gargagliano on Motor Maids.
Tech (Top)
Archives: Tech File

Blueprint Project  Update from Dave Clements and team. Engine plates.

Fitting the KING Clutch  New!  How-to series. Report from Lyle Landstrom.

Fitting the Moto Valve  Another how-to from Lyle Landstrom

"Four" Oiling  Rob Olsen on the basics of 4-cylinder lubrication. 
Bikes (Top)
Archives: Bike Feature File

640 Restoration, part 7  Jim Jones gets to the generator.

Rick Abbott's 101 Racer  "Mean Machine" rings kinda true here...

Ken Kemp's Wreck  Indian Chief going down -and back up again!

Sport Scout  Tom Lovejoy's Introduction to the World of Indians.

Stan Jessup's New Chief Project, part 2  A Bike Built to Ride.
Events (Top)
Archives: Events File

Oley 2000  Eli Sentman goes to Pennsylvania. 

OVM 2000  Stan Jessup goes to Oregon. 
History (Top)
Archives: History File

Indian Factory How's the Wigwam these days? Brett Herrey investigates.
Media (Top)
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Website Review  New! This month's new Indian Sites. New monthly feature
Restoration (Top)  

License Plate Exchange New!  For that finishing touch.
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Fitting the KING Clutch
Fitting the KING clutch

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