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Sport Scout Racers! Part 3: Rear Frame  
By Jim Wall
Last week Jim told us all about the factory racing tanks, and the week before that there was a general overview of Jim's two Sport Scout racers. Today we'll see how a 741 rear frame is stiffened up for racing.
The jig I use for retubing main frames and checking rear sections.  
This photo shows the big base frame back in the frame jig. The rear section will be stiffened up a little. The front section had been retubed with .065 Chromemolly tubing and needed a little tweeking anyhow, but that's another story......  
The 741 rear frame section seems to move around quite a bit. Even when kicking the motor thru you can almost see the rear frame section shaking. The answer, I am hoping, is to strut the rear frame section as a normal Sport Scout was. I think this must have been a west coast idea here in the States.  
This is the rear brake cross shaft housing. Since no brakes are allowed for flat tracking it needs a little clean up job.  
Notching the tubing with a tool from Harbor Freight. It is an OK tool for the money, if Duff was using it every day he would have to improve a couple things. Cheap though, $50.  
The old brake cross over housing cut off and the cleaner looking brace installed. If you need a rear brake a cable set up for racing is the better set up anyhow.  
What will it be next week? Not sure yet, but I am sure it's going to be good!! If there are any points in the process of building and preparing Sport Scout racers you'd particularly like to see covered, let me know, and I'm sure Jim will tell us about it. Moen

There are some hot 741 racers here on this nice NZ website, and Craig (who runs it) tells me that there will soon be tuning artices by a couple of New Zealand's top tuners/racers!

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