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Update 3.20.99 Here's the prototype Chief generator Fritz made. It's based on the well known 12V AC "SF" aftermarket replacement for HD generator big twins & Sportsters. More info from Fritz & on the VI generator page!
Alton 12V 160W AC alternator with regulator.
This is their 3" diameter offset shaft version for british bikes,
and not the one that will be adapted to Indian use.
update 1.20.99 Paul Hamon of Alton says he now has the basic measurements etc needed to proceed with the design. More help may be needed later, but he sounds very optimistic about having the Indian Alton on the market soon. Stay tuned for further updates!

update 1.9.99 Paul Hamon of Alton writes: The article in The Antique Motorcycle was written after correspondance with a french consultant who works for us from time to time. He anticipated a bit about replacement generators for Indians, as those are "only" in process of development; they need some finishing work, longer bench testing and road tests etc. Meanwhile I'm convinced we are close to the goal and they should go on te market soon. This AC generator's (called "alternator" by must people) main design is based on the 3" Alton we do for british motorcycles. The main differences are the 3-1/2" outside diameter and the central drive shaft design (as opposed to the 1/2" offset driveshaft design of Altons for british bikes). At first 3-1/2" central shaft alternators were not specifically done for Indian motorcycles but to fit others (french classic Terrot singles, classic cars, Laverdas etc). Units are supplied with rectifier-regulator located in a separate box. Unfortunately my information on Indian motorcycles is poor and incomplete. So I was very interested to visit the Virtual Indian website. I am quite impressed by the quality and quantity of info (professional or not). This proves the high level of interest and activity around Indians. Some french owners called me years ago saying it "could" be interesting to do a generator for Indians. This was not enough to develop a specific unit then. The idea came back when we considered the central drive shaft unit for other motorcycles. So if you wish YOU COULD HELP TO MAKE THINGS GO FASTER AND EASIER. We need the following information on various models of Indians (you can imagine we don't know the details of all models!) ¤Genuine generator dimensions (outside diameter and length). ¤Description of generator drive system (type: chain, sprocket, pinion, v-belt..., drive shaft design, engine to generator drive ratio...). ¤Engine rpm at ordinary cruising speeds. This is of course a little dificult to answer as probably people do not use their motorcycles all the same way... but an average or estimated figure is better than nothing!! Your remark on low revs is of course very important (I wrote Paul that Indians needed the electrons flowing from lower rpm than many other bikes. Moen). ¤Description of fitting parts (strap, clamp, cradle, bolts etc). ¤Description of electric equipment "expexted" by users (range of bulbs, battery or not, ignition system etc..). We need an idea of the electric consumption. The above information is very important to us, because the more common parts for different models we can do the better it is. This could avoid useless cost and waste of time. I am very interested in going further on replacement generators for Indians if it is worth the challenge. Paul then asks us to let him know if we think it's worth it... For those reading this who isn't also subscribing to the Virtual Indian Mailing List, I can say that a list of questions were posted there today for feedback to send to Paul. Moen.
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