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Bearings & related subjects     Updated 11.28.99

Original bearings for Indians are rarely available. Fortunately there are modern commercial equivalents for most of them. On this page you will find 2 charts correlating the original Indian bearing numbers to modern, readily available, bearings. This is not to suggest that it's a bad idea to get your Indian bearings from an Indian parts dealer: Comparison of prices from dealers to those from commercial bearing suppliers (on the VI mailing list) did show that the dealers' prices were often lower than those of the bearing houses! More bearing info will be added on this page.
If you have any information to add, or questions, please write me. Thanks!

On this page:
"Chief" -Bearing chart (Indian/modern replacements) for Chiefs (and some other models)
"249" -Bearing chart (Indian/modern replacements) for Verticals
"149/249" -More info on replacement bearings for Vertical Indians
Other related pages on the VI website: 
Comments on the info on this page  Updated! 11.28.99
VI Tech Tips; various sections. -Coming soon


Here is my list of Indian Chief bearings to commercial numbers. It was accumulated over the years and hopefully includes no obsolete numbers. I did not include suffixes as they seem to have different meanings between makers. I'm listing them as: Indian#, commercial#, where used, and (comments). I have Torrington# B810 needle bearing listed to replace Indian #39313 generator sprocket bushing in the inner primary cover. Use with CR 4911 seal. I have a number for the clutch release bearing but when I tried to order, I was told it would be special order and the price was terrible (I don't recall if there was a minimum order or not). The number is INA # 2041. It measures 1.687" ID x 2.375" OD x .562" thick. It looks like the only difference from original is both races are grooved. Someone mentioned a metric replacement that requires some modification to the clutch worm. Hope this helps someone. I believe this is an accurate listing as the numbers were gleaned from original bearings where possible, but any corrections are welcomed. The only changes I made were to add current prefixes to some of the numbers, ie: 6207 for 207, etc.  John

The transmission mainshaft bearing recommendations have been updated 11.13.99. Please see the "comments" page for the reasons! Moen

Indian #  Mfg #  Location
40446 SKF# 5205 Front brake drum'37-'53 and rear brake drum, '53 back to at least '36, (also 4's)
191017 Torrington# 912 Needle bearings used with girder fork links, '46-'47, (recommend upgrade to bushings as the hardened shafts used with the bearings are no longer availailable)
189010 SKF# 7206 Lower fork stem '46-'53
189005 SKF# 7205 Upper fork stem '46-'53
38854 No commercial equivalant, replace with Timken cone # 08125 and cup # 08231 Lower fork stem for leaf fork, (both cone and cup required also fits S/Scout & 4's)
C18120 .250" balls Upper stem bearings for leaf fork, (21 required also S/Scout & 4's)
100229 SKF# 6202 Generator drive end, (use sealed two side version, fits autolite generators)
100226 SKF# 6201 Generator commutator end, (use sealed two side version, fits Autolite generators)
39216 Special automotive 207   
Please see comments!
Tranny main shaft clutch side
39923 SKF# 6207, BCA I207S or 207  
Please see comments!
Tranny main shaft sprocket side, (I recommend sealed one side version with seal next to sprocket)
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The Bearings in this particular file are all for 249 vertical twin Scout. I believe that they all also fit the Warrior. I believe that they all fit the single cylinder arrow , except the crank case ball bearing, which is probably different. Mike Burns

Indian #  Mfg #  Location
1189006 FAFNIR 206K Crank case ball bearing (drive side) (twin only, not correct for single cylinder)
1191004 Torrington B-1812X (Or 8-1812X) ? Needle bearing in wheel hub
1189005 FAFNIR 204KLD Ball bearing in wheel hub
189005 FAFNIR 7205W Fork neck lower 
189004  FAFNIR 7204W Fork neck upper bearing
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I've attached a jpg document I scanned in containing additional bearing cross-reference info for vertical twins.  I got the info from Wally Skyrman (who gave me permission to pass it along). Rob

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