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Stop Drooling!  Duff's Valve Cover Skirts

Our Duff has come up with yet another great idea!

10.30.99 You can now buy the Valve Cover Skirts! $35 for a set to seal all 4 valve covers. And the price includes shipping to addresses in US and Europe! Order yours now from

New pictures from Stan of the installed Skirts here.
Tester feedback here. updated! 1.3.00

As the cool O-ring sealed billet valve cover tubes available fall into the "high dollar" category (right, Duff?), Duff's invented a neat fix for all those of us who's too cheap for that (and so far that includes myself, although I hope Santa reads this...) -A set of Gore Tex wrap-around gaskets for the stock tubes to prevent oil leaking out and, just as important, air leaking in. The gaskets are held in place with a 2-piece aluminum cover; easy to fit & hard to spot. Prototype versions of the Valve Cover Skirts have been sent to a number of testers, and feedback has started to flow in. Go here for the first reports of fitting & running the skirts. Moen

More Info from Duff at:

(Pictures by Stan Jessup, Oregon. Thanks Stan!)

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Feedback from testers.

Duff: I just got back from a 40 mile ride on the chief. The front exhaust valve cover with skirt installed using the kotex gasket material AND RTV SILICONE SEALER is DRY AS A BONE!!!!!!   I will refit the front intake valve cover with the skirt and rtv sealer hopefully this afternoon. THANKS, I thought I would never get that front valve cover leak stopped without disassembly. The skirt work just fine and are easy to install. The test ride involved about 20 good solid miles of 55 to 65 miles per hour sustained. I will probably go ahead and install them on the rear cylinder too, although they are not leaking as bad as the fronts leaked. I will also go ahead and install the titted cap too, and hopefully get another test ride tomorrow. I sure enjoy the bike in this 65 degree weather we had today, but, it is starting to cool of now. Happy New Year. And thanks again. Keith
After sitting for about a month I took the Chief out for a run of a little over 200 miles. Duff's skirts are still doing the job. This will probably be my last report on the skirts for a while. Cheers to all. Les

I too had trouble fitting the intake valve cover and found that if you unscrew it and slide the cover up toward the top of the cylinder you can slip the skirt up around it. Then slide the cover back down and tighten in place. Once done the valve skirt gasket can be slid in place without further trouble.   Duff

With these aluminum covers, I am having a hell of a time getting the skirts between the cylinder and the intake covers, but I am still trying....... Stan

500 miles and the skirts are still doing the job. What more can I say? Les

I have already installed one of the valve cover skirts on my 48 chief, front exhaust valve cover.  It only took about 15 minutes and I did NOT have to do any disassembly. It's well worth a try for anyone who is experienceing oil leakage at the valve covers.  Keith

I just installed a set of Duff's skirts on my '46 rat chief. The hardest part was cleaning off the summers accumulation of crud. (Gets ridden more than cleaned) Installation was quite easy. At present I've ridden a little under 200 miles with good results. As miles accumulate I'll keep you posted. So far they seem to be doing a very good job.  Les

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