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More 101 parts from Jürgen Hecker!  

A little while ago (10.31.99) there was a page here on some of the 101 parts of german dealer and maufacturer Jürgen Hecker. Well, here's some more! Click here to go to the earlier page.

Jürgen will soon have a website of his own, but here's a small appetizer on his parts. I've added some approximate $US prices to Jürgen's in DM.  Please contact Jürgen about shipping etc, or hang on for his new website!
Slider gear and cluster gear with  bushing for 101 (set of 2 gears):  
DM550.00  (appr. $300)  

Clutch release bearing:   
DM75.00 (appr. $40)  

Also: Steel plates, fiber clutch  plates and bearings for the  gearbox -and much more.  

101 rims with the orginal profile!  DM 190.00 each (appr. $105)  

Spokes with the orginal shape nipple in steel (set of 40):  
DM 120.00 (appr. $65)

Rocker arms 101 (set of 2):  
DM 180.00 (appr. $100)  

Bushings (steel) for the rocker arms (set of 4):  
Price to be announced  

Studs for the rocker arms:  
Price to be announced

Horn face, nickel- or chrome  plated:  
DM 190.00 (appr. $105)  

Side stand for 101:  
DM 280.00 (appr. $150)  

Coming in February: Complete Front Forks for Scout 101 and the Scoop! of the week in new Indian parts:  

Chief leaf sping forks 1932 to '42!  

Stay tuned for more info.


Jürgen Hecker can be contacted at 
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