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The 101 parts of Jürgen Hecker    10.31.99
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Usually the focus on new parts, here on the VI, is american.

The Indians were made in America, and most of the parts manufacturers, who have found their way to these pages, have been in America, too. It may come as a surprise to some, that lots of high quality parts for Indians are made elsewhere in the world as well! (But it shouldn't, really. From the beginning the factory exported motocycles to all corners of the globe, and Indians enjoy a strong following in almost any country you could mention!).

Jurgen Hecker 101 sheet metal! In Germany there is a handfull of medium-to-large scale manufacturers of Indian parts, and a lot of individuals making each their own little piece of the puzzle. One of the most exiting specialist parts makers is Jürgen Hecker in southern Germany. Jürgen runs a 101 (& other early models) restoration business, and can supply an amazing range of parts for these bikes. I had the privilege of seeing one of his 101s and one of his 4 cylinder restoration jobs in Germany recently, and to say they were gorgeous, is an understatement! I hope to be able to bring you pictures of these world class restorations soon!

Jürgen will soon have a website of his own, but here's a small appetizer on his parts. I've added some approximate $US prices to Jürgen's in DM.  Please contact Jürgen about shipping etc, or hang on for his new website! (in a month or two). Over to Jürgen! Moen
Jurgen Hecker 101 tanks! Tank for Scout 101 1928 to 31. 1200,-DM (appr. $650). Front fender,  Scout 101.  750.-DM (appr. $400). Rear fender, Scout 101 1928.  550.-DM (appr. $300). Rear fender, Scout 101 1929-31.  650.-DM (appr. $350). I can deliver all sheet metal parts for Scout 101. And a lot of parts for other models.
Jurgen Hecker Saddlebags! Saddlebags; Exact copy of american bags from the '30s & '40s! Available in 2 sizes: 1) 50 x 30 x 15cm (20" x 12" x 6")  for Chiefs and fours (set  of 2) 850.- DM (appr. $460). 2) 35 x 25 x 11cm for Scouts (set of 2) 750.- DM (appr. $400)
Jurgen Hecker 101 handlebars! Handlebar for Scout 101 from '28-'30. 465.-DM (appr. $250). Handlebar for Scout 101 and Chief '31 to '37. 465.-DM (appr. $250). All the other parts for Handlebars are available from me, too.
Jurgen Hecker 101 forks! Front forks for Scout 101.  650.-DM (appr. $350). All the other parts to make complete forks are coming! New early Chief front forks are coming in February 2000!
Jurgen Hecker Exhausts! Exhaust system for Scout 101 1928-30.  550.-DM (appr. $300). Exhaust system for Scout 101 1931 is coming in February 2000.
Jurgen Hecker cylinders for 45 101s! New cylinders for Scout 101  45".  2500.-DM (appr. $1350) Flywheels for Scout 101 45" are coming at the end of 1999! I have a lot of engine parts; and parts for the Schebler carburetor are in the works!
Jurgen Hecker wheel parts! New wheel rims for Scout 101. Looks the same as orginal. 180.-DM (appr. $100) Complete wheel hubs and brakes for the rear wheel. Parts for the front wheel are coming.
In mid-November I will have a bunch of new parts for Scout 101, early Chief & ACE available.

Jürgen Hecker,  

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