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Chief Crankcases

Replacement Crankcases for Indian Chief.
CNC Machined (356 Aluminum Heat Treated to a T6 Condition).

Buyer must use proper cam cover respectively for:
Cast Iron Pumps     Prior to 1948
Aluminum Pumps  1948 and Later
Buyer must perform some machining if Magneto is used
For more info contact: Roger L. Glodowski or Pat Fitzgerald
Phone: (262) 681-2989. Email:

New Chief crankcases were advertised in the most recent issue of the AMCA's magazine. They retail for $2,195.00 and come with a manufacturer's certificate of origin. Here is what Pat Fitzgerald, crankcase contact person with the manufacturers, told the VI Mailing List about the new cases, the first reproduction Indian engine cases to hit the market:
"The need for this product was recognized by Jim Solberg, an Indian motor builder in the mid-west (Wisconsin).  Roger Glodowski, his associate, is a patternmaker, foundyman and project manager who's familiar with automotive industry. Together, they've assembled the necessary foundry and machine tooling to manufacture 356-T6 aluminum sand cast crankcase halves.
It's been mentioned that our price may reflect the chance optimize profits and minimize labor. Actually, we consider it more of a reflection of the quality product we plan to provide. Our initial costs have involved employing foundries that make limited quantity items such as auto racing cylinder heads and blocks and highly complex castings. The machining tooling uses today's CNC machines with proven methods such as in-line machining of assembled crankcase halves.
The crankcases are made in 1948 style, however they can be used in Indian Chiefs made prior to '48.  The buyer would have to use proper cam covers: cast iron pumps for prior to '48 and and aluminum pumps for '48 and later. Solberg also recommends using all new bushings, mount the cam cover and in-line ream the bushings before motor assembly. The buyer must also perform some machining if a magneto is used.
Currently, there are 5 sets of crankcases in machining.  In an effort to create the best possible product that we can, this is our second run, and they are due for completion in late January." Contact Pat on the email address above for more information.

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