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Brownie Betar Headstone Fundraising  Buy a T-shirt and help out.  
New Clutch Plates Solving a lot of problems at an affordable price.  

New Engine Cases and Cylinder Heads Chief parts from Kiwi Indian.  

New Indian 4 Frame and ACE parts from Jürgen Hecker.  
New Indian Speedometers -for 1948-51 models.  

Warpath Engine Case Update Patterns are Progressing.  

VI Buyers' Club  Do you want a new Chief frame? Or ACE forks? Or?  
VI Exchange  Parts for parts, parts for services, services...  
Warpath Project New Monthly Page charting the progress of the project.  
Bob Kelley Rediscovers the ACE Factory.  

Chopper Corner  Tim Pickering's Chief Likes and Dislikes.  

Editorial  Indian for the People. Moen gets all worked up.  

Blessing of the Weasels  Cindy's Column is by Bill Rowe this time??  

640 Restoration pt. 6  Jim Jones covers Kicker, Controls & Quenching.  
Brett Herrey's "Second Indian" Actually kind of the first, but...  
Stan Jessup's New Chief Project  A Bike Built to Ride.  

9th All Indian Rally, Australia Garry Digney Reports.  
Ventura Motorcycle Extravaganza  California Racing & Show in June.  
Indian Humor Page New HD from Idaho?  
The AMCA Judging System  by AMCA Asst. Chief Judge Greg Walter.  
Blueprint Project  Update from Dave Clements. 640 &741 footboard rails.  
"Four" Rod Bearings  Rob Olsen on a New Material for Longer Life.  

"Four" Clutch Tech  Charles Qua on a Neglected Part?  
Ads  Buy and sell Indians & Indian parts for free.  
Archives  Info and articles on (almost...) anything Indian here.  

Back Issues:  #1 Febr. 2000  #2 March 2000  #3 April 2000  
Events  Upcoming Indian happenings around the world.  
Links  -to other Indian websites here.  

Photo Album  Indian Pictures.

Brownie Betar T-shirts
New Clutch Plates
Hecker 4 Frame
New Speedometers
ACE Factory
9th All Indian Rally
Project Blueprint
New 4 Bearing Material
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