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Wot? No preaching here this time? Nope. Just read and enjoy... Ah, OK. Please take 5 minutes to check out the Network pages. The VI network, and getting together to DO stuff with Indians and parts, is a big part of the whole VI thing. If you have any questions or comments or (which would be very nice) perhaps a contribution, all the blue names with a line under are Live Links (zzzap!) to write somebody... Moen

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What's the Network about?

Dealers  VI Dealer Pages. Kiwi Indian Parts is new this month.

VI Buyers' Club  Do you want a new Chief frame? Or ACE forks? Or? 

VI Exchange  Parts for parts, parts for services, services... 

Warpath Project  Everything about the People's Indian project.
News (Top)
More in the Archives, New Parts File

Legion Chief Frame update  Prototype delayed, new models?

Mystery Chief Engine  Factory prototype engine on eBay.

New Chief Heads from Kiwi  Here's the pictures!

New Indian Parts  Chief hubs, saddlebags, gun holsters, oil filter kits.

New Parts from Kiwi  Tons of photos, details, prices.

Newsflash!  Century Ride Home and other Indian News.

OHV Top Ends  For Chiefs and Scouts (-and Warpaths...)
Columns (Top)
Archives: Columns File

Bob Kelley  Gets caught in the spotlight.

Chopper Corner  Tim Pickering has a guest on his show.

Cindy's Column  Cindy Gargagliano turns all poetic.

Editorial  Moen on Indian business promotion and cooperation.
Tech (Top)
Archives: Tech File

Blueprint Project   Clutch pedal prints from Lyle Landstrom.

Cam Timing Data  Sport Scout cams dialed in by Jim Wall.

Wheel Lacing, part 2  Paul Batholomew on getting Chief wheels true.
Bikes (Top)
Archives: Bike Feature File

Project 640 The End! Jim Jones takes the First Ride.

Doug Dinicola's 346  Overcoming obstacles for a happy ending.

Stan Jessup's Chief Project, part 5  Hubs, oil filters, battery...
Events (Top)
Archives: Events File

Chesapeake  Jim Jones goes to the last AMCA meet of the season

Pontiac  Cotten goes to the 22nd annual Swap & Show in Pontiac, IL

Sturgis  Mike "Kiwi" Tomas goes to the mega bash in SD
Mail New Regular Feature!  (Top)
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Inquiries  Questions to the VI. Your answers next month.

Letters  A selection of this month's mail to the VI Magazine.

Tech Talk  From the VI Mailing List. 1948 oil pump problem.
Media (Top)
Archives: Media File

Book Reviews  Tim Pickering read and reviewed three Indian Books.

Website Review  This month's new Indian sites + some old favorites.
Racing!(Top) Archives: Racing File

NZ Racing Scouts part 2  Craig Cate looks at the frame and such
Restoration (Top)  

License Plate Exchange  For that finishing touch.
Departments (Top)
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Ads  Buy and sell Indians & Indian parts for free.

Back Issues Check out old VI mags for more Good Indian Stuff.

Books  Indian books; list and reviews + links to one-click shopping!

Clubs  Indian Clubs Worldwide.

Events  Upcoming Indian happenings around the world.

Links  If you need an Indian web address, look here first!

Photo Album  Indian Pictures.

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Century Ride Home
Century Ride Home

OHV Top End
OHV Top End

Chopper Corner

Cam Timing Data


Project 640 - First Ride!
Project 640

Doug's 346
Doug's 346

Chesapeake Meet
Chesapeake Meet

Ponitac Meet
Pontiac Meet

Sturgis 2000
Sturgis 2000

NZ Racing Scouts

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