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Yeah, OK, so the magazine got delayed this time too! Sorry about that, but we just HAD to get the Davenport articles in. -And the racing stories... There hasn't been too much Indian racing in the VI until now, but I hope that will change in the future. There is a lot of it going on all over the place, and well, what's cooler than racing Indians, really? As expected the VI booth at the Davenport meet meant that a bunch of VI Listers got together, and I get the destinct impression that sparks were flying in the hot Iowa sunshine as new ideas and projects were discussed. I'm sure we will see every aspect of the 'VI thing' stepped up a notch in the year to come, and the reunion next year should be even better! Apart from this issue's twin themes of Davenport and Racing, there's a ton of other good stuff. More new Indian parts than anyone would have dared to imagine just a year or two ago, more interesting columns and Indian stories than ever seen in one place before, both hardcore Indian Tech stuff and Indian Culture like a completely updated book page (and great book reviews!), Indian websites and some fine Indian drawings. Enjoy! -And don't forget to write the people who wrote the magazine that you loved their story!  Moen
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Davenport 2000! - Racing!

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Century Ride Home Update  Riding home to the Wigwam in 2001.

King Clutch Update  New dealers, new models.

Legion Chief Frame  Frank Woslum designs an affordable frame.

New Parts from Jürgen Hecker 1940-45 Chief front forks and more!

Newsflash!  Sidecar bodies, Chief Overdrive and much more!

Support Virtual Indian  Wanna help keep the VI free?

Warpath Update  Prototype engine case and primaries.
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Dealers  VI Dealer Pages. Run an Indian business? Check this out!

VI Buyers' Club  Do you want a new Chief frame? Or ACE forks? Or? 

VI Exchange  Parts for parts, parts for services, services... 

Warpath Project  Everything about the People's Indian project.
Columns (Top)
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Bob Kelley  The Real Deal.

Chopper Corner  Tim Pickering puts his frame together.

Cindy's Column  Michigan Madman -one of two reviews of this great book!

Editorial  Moen on making Indians visible.
Tech (Top)
Archives: Tech File

Blueprint Project  Gaskets, engine plates and more from Dave & team.
Bikes (Top)
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Stan Jessup's New Chief Project, part 4  Wheels, fenders, wiring...

Tim's Warpath  Low-budget Scout ideas from Tim Pickering.
Events (Top)
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Davenport 2000!  Cotten goes to Davenport, Page 1: The Meet.

Davenport 2000!  Cotten goes to Davenport, Page 2: The VI Booth!

Davenport 2000!  KING Clutch goes to Davenport too! BIG page.

Davenport races, see below!

Tenino Meet 2000  Stan Jessup goes to Washington.
Racing! (Top)
Archives: Racing File

Davenport Races  VI's own Fasst Jim Wall wins again! BIG page!

Early Racers  Historical look at US motorcycle racing from Brett Herrey.

New Zealand Scouts  The fastest 741s on Earth! Craig Cate tells all.
Media (Top)
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Book Review  Grizzy reads the "Micigan Madman".

Indian Art  Fine drawings from Jane McMillan-Kologiski.

Website Review  This month's new Indian sites + some old favorites.
Restoration (Top)  

License Plate Exchange  For that finishing touch.
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Davenport 2000!
All About Davenport!

Chief Frame
Legion Chief frame

Warpath Engine Case Update
Warpath 648 Cases

Chief Project
Stan's Chief project

Shoestring 741
Tim's budget Scout


Davenport 2000
Davenport 2000

Tenino 2000
Tenino Meet

Davenport 2000 Races: Congratulations, Jim!
Davenport Races

Early Racers
Early Racers

Hot NZ 741s!
NZ Racing Scouts

Indian Art
Indian Art

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