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So that's anoher issue on the street. There has been a few delays this time but let's hope you find the August issue worth waiting for. There's still a lot of things going on in the VI world. One of the most exciting is the get-together at the Davenport meet in September. If at all possible you should try to go. This could mean a whole new angle on our fun and cooperation. Another thing that keeps me impressed from issue to issue is how the Blueprint project is working. Under the inspired leadership of Dave Clements, the team of draftsmen keeps coming up with new goodies. And of course the Warpath engine cases keep me impressed too. Lyle Landstrom's initiative (and hard work!) has sparked the hope of new Scouts becoming available at affordable prices. I think it's been a pretty good first half year for the VI magazine. I can't wait to see what happens in the next!  Moen

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KING Kevlar Clutch update  Tester feedback, new models and dealers.

Kiwi on the Road  Special price on crankcases & heads, show reports.

New Indian Dealership  Jim Jones goes to one to see what they've got.

Newsflash! VI at Davenport and Tenino, Chief forks, hubs and more.

Support Virtual Indian  Update on the VI T-shirt fund raiser.

Warpath Update Your assistance needed with measurements.
Network (Top)
What's the Network about?

Dealers VI Dealer Pages. If you run an Indian business, check this out.

VI Buyers' Club  Do you want a new Chief frame? Or ACE forks? Or? 

VI Exchange  Parts for parts, parts for services, services... 

Warpath Project  Monthly update on the People's Indian
Columns (Top)
Archives: Columns File

Bike Cartoons  Cindy Gargagliano found some old funnies.

Bob Kelley  -Flies the Flag.

Chopper Corner  Tim Pickering gets down to cutting metal.

Editorial Moen on New Indians.
Tech (Top)
Archives: Tech File

Blueprint Project  Update from Dave Clements and team. Check it out!.

Dumpster Divers Guide to Restoration Handtools  Seriously.

Wheel Lacing  Paul Bartholomew shows how to do your Chief wheels.
Bikes (Top)
Archives: Bike Feature File

640 Restoration, part 8  Jim Jones takes a side trip...

Irontail40  Garry Lamothe's great looking 1940 Chief.

Jim Kellett's 348  Gettting your Indian after 51 years must feel good.

Stan Jessup's New Chief Project, part 3  Starting to come together.
Club Stuff (Top)
Archives: Clubs File

AMCA SoCal Chapter  Harry V. Sucher charts chapter history.

Indian Klub Danmark  Now there's an Indian Club in Denmark too.
Events (Top)
Archives: Events File

German Club Rally  Mat Elvenkemper goes to Ronneburg and has fun.

Pioneer Valley meet  Steve Frizell goes to Chester MA and gets wet.

White Rose Rally  Jim Jones goes to Jefferson PA and meets people.
Media (Top)
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Website Review  This month's new Indian sites + some old favorites.
Restoration (Top)  

License Plate Exchange  For that finishing touch.
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Ads  Buy and sell Indians & Indian parts for free.

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Books  Indian books; list and reviews.

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Photo Album  Indian Pictures (lots of these, too).

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KING Clutch Update
KING clutch update

Kiwi on the Road
Kiwi on the Road

Warpath Engine Case Update
Warpath 648 Cases




1940 Chief

1948 Chief
Jim Kellett's 348

German Rally
German Indian Club Rally

Pioneer Valley Meet
Pioneer Valley Meet

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