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New Indian Four!
 New! 12.05.99: More "Wiking" pictures!
-At least it says "Indian" on the tank and has 4 cylinders (and looks rather nice!)...

Pictures from Andy Kelly of the "bike of the show" -the show being the International Motorcycle Show in Birmingham, England.  The Dakota 4 is being marketed by Alan Forbes, proprietor of the Motolux Indian business in Edinburgh, Scotland.

The bike is obviously the swedish "Wiking". It was designed by Sture Torngren, publisher of the car/bike magazine "Wheels", and a veteran of many 2 & 4 wheeled projects - though none before as ambitious as the Wiking. The prototype was made on the basis of a Volvo B20 engine (4 cylinder inline, liquid cooled, cast iron lump). The engine had its cylinders milled off and replaced with home made, finned, aluminum cylinders and head. The gearbox was BMW, and the running gear mostly modified HD. Later developments saw the cast iron crankcase replaced with an aluminum replica, a new gearbox case with revised internal gearing, and other modifications. Much road testing has been carried out, so whatever the connection between Torngren and Forbes might be, the Dakota 4 is not a completely untested design. By all accounts it goes rather well with its 1800cc (109") engine...

Roadtesting the Dakota 4 for yourself could be possible (contact Motolux/Indian Ltd), but it seems you'll have to wait until May to take possession of one, should you fall in love with it. Price should be £19,500 (or around $31,500).



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