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New and Proud Owner of 1934 Sport Scout

Bill R., a member of the All American Indian Motorcycle Club, is the deliriously happy (see picture of Bill) new owner of a 1934 Sport Scout Indian, bought at the Paul Pearce auction last October.  Wife Barb was a little skeptical about the wisdom of his latest purchase, but fellow “Road Weasel” Vince G. came to Bill’s rescue with an article out of the Antique American Motorcycle Buyer’s Guide, which stated, “Less than five probably exist . . These were better looking in most eyes than the Series 101 Scout, though in today’s collector’s eyes the 101 fares well . . . To ride one is to imagine yourself at the head of a pack of Harleys and Indians, approaching the first turn of a one-mile dirt track.”

Bill lives in the Grand Rapids area with his wife, Barb, and daughter Emily.  He also has 4 sons:  Bill, Brad, Ben and Brandon.  Brandon has attended the last two Lambertville Meets with his Dad, while Emily enjoys going to Wasseon.

Bill’s projects this winter (and next, and next . . .) are a 1930 KJ Henderson and a 1935 VLD Harley.

He estimates that he has ridden about 3000 miles this year on a bike.  At least 800 miles were put on his Indian in Daytona during Bike Week last year.

He was very honest about his wife’s opinion of his hobby.  “Barb says she will kill me if I bring another bike home!”

His most embarrassing moment was back in 1986 when his 66 Sportster quit on the way back from Sturgis.  It was hauled back to GR on a trailer pulled by another bike.  A picture of his bike (on the trailer) was published in Easy Rider.

The first bike he claims to have owned is the above mentioned Sportster.  But, Vince has “insider information” and claims it was a Suzuki, and that Bill still owns it.

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