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 VW/Opel Kadett (Bosch) 12V DC generators.
 By  Ole Martin Mobeck

On my Chief I have a 12V DC generator from a Opel Kadett (Wauxhall?) built in the early 70's in Germany. It is marked Bosch and 25 Ampere. It has the same diameter as the Indian generator. (These are the the same generators fitted to VW "Beetles", I think. Moen)

The English Ford Escort MK1 have a similar type from Lucas. I use a standard Bosch regulator with the same size as the 38 regulator.

The end cap from my original 6V Autolite is screwed on to the end cap of the Bosch and the steel band from the high output Autolite covers the gap between the end caps. It's about impossible to see any difference from the original generator.

If you are able to get one of these 25 Amperes generator and covers the brush end of it like I did. Please remember to make some holes in the steel band where nobody see it, and make a fan that mounts between the generator and it's belt pulley, behind the belt guard. If you dont do this the generator will melt down.

Now I can ride with 65W halogen highbeam, two spotlights and two heater elements with 15W each under the handlebar rubbers. And I does that as far and long as I like.

I have two Bosch generators that fit's the Indian and I think they both come from a Opel Kadett. The oldest of the two had slide bearing in the brush end and the newest have roller bearing at the brush end. Both have roller bearings in the pulley end.
The slide bearing type is the easyest one to fit the Autolite end cap to, something you will understand when you see it.

Both generators have mounting ears that have to be dressed/cut off, for example in a lathe.

The  Bosch number on the generator is:

0 101 206 139 140 EG- 14V 25A 25
0 101 206 100 101 EG- 14V 25A 27

I dont know whitch one is the oldest anymore because I have swopped the parts between them some times..

You will have to make a new belt pulley or maybe modify the one you have because the Bosch generator has 15 mm dia shaft.
The Bosch regulator I use is number 0 190 350 049 VA 14V 25A

It works wery well and dont look to bad either. You vill have to bend the mounting brackets on it to make it fit to the diameter of the generator and maybe dress off some of the sheet metal parts on the bracket to make it just right.

The fan I talked about was just some thing I made of sheet metal. Make a disk of sheet metal with a 15 mm hole in it. The outside dia should be around 115-120 mm, then take a saw or tin shears and cut from outside towards center for about 15-10 mm and do that all the way around with 15 mm spacing. Now you chould have made many "square tooths" which you can bend 90 degrees. Then twist them and you have made a sentrifugal fan, right? The outside diameter chould be 90 mm and the fan should draw the air from the brush end and out through the fan. 

A tip on replacing belts with the pulley still on.
by indianjohn

Ole Martin Mobeck wrote:

> The pulley on the generator is as small as possible ofcource and the pulley
> at the primary is so big that it's a problem to mount the belt without
> takeing off the pulley.

My 348 had a piece cut out of the primary pulley outer rim to facilitate belt replacement. The procedure was also described as a Tech Corner subject in the IMCA "Smoke Signal" several years ago. It said to grind a flat about 1/4" deep. To change belts, rotate the pulley so the flat is down, then slip the belt out between the flat and the tranny cover. Mine was done some time before I saw the article so the idea must have originated somewhere else. It did not seem to have any adverse affect on the belt.

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