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4-Cam System (Sport Scout racers), Jim Wall 3/00
Ace Engine (1926), Rohan Bradney, Part 2 (link to Part 1) 3/00
Babbit Bearings, Charles Qua 3/00
Babbit Bearings for Fours, Rob Olsen, Part 1 2/00
Big Base Scout engine cases
Big Base Scout engine cases, update, Lyle Landstrom 3/00
Cams; Indian cam picture gallery
Cam timing info, Jim Wall 8/00
Casting and patterns, Lyle Landstrom 3/00
Cleaning Engines after Bead Blasting, Mike (Kiwi) Tomas 2/00
Duff's Moto Valve
Dumpster Diver's Guide to Restoration Handtools, Cotten  6/00
Moto Valve how-to, Lyle Landstrom 5/00
Duff's Valve Cover Skirts
Ed's Breather Filter
Flywheel Workshop, Cotten: Part 1, how to do it 1/00
Flywheel Workshop, Cotten: Part 2, the theory 1/00
Four Clutch Evolution, Charles Qua 2/00
Four Clutch Tech, Charles Qua 4/00
Four Oiling, Rob Olsen 5/00
Four Rod Bearing Material, Rob Olsen 4/00
Fritz's Oil Pump
Indian Tools
KING clutch, latest update 7/00
KING clutch, how-to, Lyle Landstrom 5/00
Oil pumps
Project Blueprint, Dave Clements: Parts drawings for DIY 8/00
Qua Clutch
Racing Scouts "Fasst"Jim Wall, Part 5 (links to parts 1-4) 2/00
Thrustwasher Fix, Cotten 2/00
Warpath Project Page, Moen 8/00
Warpath Big Base Scout engine cases, latest update, Lyle Landstrom 7/00
Wheel lacing, Paul Bartholomew, Part 2 (link to part 1) 8/00