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Blessing of the Weasels, Bill Rowe (Cindy's May Column), 4/00
Chopper Corner 1, Tim Pickering: Indian choppers. Why Indians? 1/00
Chopper Corner 2, Tim Pickering: Indian choppers. Why not choppers? 2/00
Chopper Corner 3, Tim Pickering: Indian choppers. Why choppers? 3/00
Chopper Corner 4, Tim Pickering: Indian choppers. Chief likes & dislikes 4/00
Chopper Corner 5, Tim Pickering: Indian choppers. Chopper Chiefs from Mild to Wild 5/00
Chopper Corner 6, Tim Pickering: Indian choppers. Birth of a Frankenstein Chief 6/00
Chopper Corner 7, Tim Pickering: Indian choppers. Frame building 7/00
Chopper Corner 8, Tim Pickering: Indian choppers. FrankenChief 8/00
Crocker, Clymer and Cartoons, Cindy Gargagliano 6/00
Editorial, Moen: About the new VI, 1/00
Editorial, Moen: Indian Parts Buyers' Club?, 2/00
Editorial, Moen: Buyer's Club, Exchange & Amazon... 3/00
Editorial, Moen: Indian for the People, 4/00
Editorial, Moen: Our Magazine, 5/00
Editorial, Moen: New Indians? 6/00
Editorial, Moen: Making Indians Visible 7/00
Editorial, Moen: Parts & People 8/00
Fossils in the Fast Lane, Bob Kelley, 5/00
Flying the Flag, Bob Kelley 6/00
Gloriously Undamped Rebound, Bob Kelley: Coming out of hibernation, 3/00
In the Spotlight, Bob Kelley 8/00
The Indian Allure, Bob Kelley: Why we love Indians, 1/00
Living Indians, Cotten: The importance of using our bikes, 1/00
Luddite Nation, Bob Kelley: What is it about Indians?, 2/00
Michigan Madman, Cindy Gargagliano, 7/00
Motor Maids, Gloria Tramontin Struck story, Cindy Gargagliano, 5/00
Oh, How the Cradle of the Mighty Four has Fallen, Bob Kelley, 4/00
The Real Deal, Bob Kelley, 7/00
Vince and Bill's Excellent Adventure, Cindy Gargagliano on Daytona 3/00
The Virtual Indian Song, Cindy Gargagliano 8/00
Where have all the Women Gone?, Cindy Gargagliano on women in motorcycling 2/00