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12.20.99 Glodowski/Solberg, Wisconsin, USA.
New Chief crankcases were advertized in the most recent issue of the AMCA's magazine. They retail for $2195 and come with a manufacturer's certificate of origin. Here is what Pat Fitzgerald, crankcase contact person with the manufacturers, told the VI Mailing List about the new cases, the first repro engine cases to hit the market:
"The need for this product was recognized by Solberg, an Indian motor builder in the midwest (Wisconsin).  Glodowski, his associate is a patternmaker, foundyman and poject manager who's familiar with automotive industry. Together, they've assembled the necessary foundry and machine tooling to manufacture 356-T6 aluminum sand cast crankcase halves.
It's been mentioned that our price may reflect the chance optimize profits and minumize labor. Actually, we consider it more of a reflection of the quality product we plan to provide. Our initial costs have involved employing foundries that make limited quantity items such as, auto racing cylinder heads and blocks and highly complex castings. The machining tooling uses today's CNC machines with proven methods such as in line machining of assembled crankcase halves.
The crankcases are made in 1948 style, however they can be used in Indians made prior to '48.  The buyer would have to use proper cam covers: cast iron pumps for prior to '48 and and aluminum pumps for '48 and later. Solberg also recomends using all new bushings, mount the cam cover and in-line ream the bushings before motor assembly. The buyer must also perform some machining if a Magneto is used.
Currently, there are 5 sets of crankcases in machining.  In an effort to create the best posible product that we can, this is our second run, and they are due for completion in late January." Contact Pat on the email address above for more information -and stay tuned for pictures soon!!

12.12.99 Jürgen Hecker, Germany.
New 101 frames available NOW. DM2650 or approx US$1400. Also individual castings if you need that for your frame, and Jürgen does repair jobs on frames too! New 101 forks, complete, very soon! New ACE frames before Christmas!! DM3950 = around US$2000. And -New 1929-35 Indian Four frames are also ready now! Same price as the ACE frames. This is great! :-)  I wish it could be like this every week! OK, all the frames are identical to originals, except for not having the casting numbers (so there will be no confusion between original and repro frames), and they are made of much better materials than the originals. I will get pictures of the frames very soon, and I also believe that Jürgen will have his own website online soon. Please contact Jürgen for more information about his frames (and tons of other parts!). Anyone taking the risk of producing this many great parts deserves our support!

12.12.99 Kiwi Indian, California, USA.
The crew at Kiwi's are finishing their new engine; pushrod guides (which are coming soon!) will be the last piece of the puzzle before every single engine part, except for the cylinders, is of Kiwi manufacture. KI are currently building a number of bikes to test the new engine and trans in; including Mike's own project - a '37 bobber with custom pipes & discbraked aluminum racing hubs (to mention a few details). Stay tuned for pictures & story of this balls-out bobber; called "Ballzout" by the way! Nice to see a bit of hot-rodding from one of the "big guy" parts suppliers!

2.25.99. Michael Breeding. New Mexico, USA.
Michael writes: "More news on the Indian Tool front. I just got back from the foundry and we made molds for 4 new tools. To be available no later than march 2000, they include: 35W206R cylinder base stud nut wrench with the word INDIAN and the part number embosed on the wrench. 150000R connecting rod block that is blanchard ground flat on both sides. The tool is used for rod strightening, case alignment, and hold flywheels from rotating (right or left) while working on drive sprocket, pinion gear, etc. Embossed INDIAN and part #. 23T300 front drive sprocket holding tool. This is not an original Indian tool. Used to hold drive sprocket, with the chain on and cylinders on, for removing or tightening drive shaft nut, same with clutch hub nut, and other proceedures needing the drive sprocket and primary chain held from moving. 42602 wheel axle nuts wrench. The 7/8" by 3/4" open end wrench found in the tool kit. Has the original "M" foundry mark. Shown in the tool kit from my 1948 photo set, as shown on the VI website. Other new tools: Lock nut tool, combines the 43018 spring frame and 31T1126 wheel bearing lock nut tools into one. Available now. 102312 cylinder head bolt extension (5/8" socket). A 3/8" drive socket that can also be used with a 5/8" combination wrench (O-ring keeps it attached to box end) to get to the rear head bolt under the frame on the rear cylinder head of a Chief, as well as the other hard to reach headbolts. Available in a few weeks".  More tools and great Indian parts in Michael's online catalog!

12.12.99 Roger Long, USA.
Now avaliable repop large feed elbows with nuts cadmium plated for late model Indian Chiefs with aluminum oil pumps. Elbow Indian P/N 418002, Nut Indian P/N 607013  $35.00 for both plus shipping

12.05.99 Indian Teile Dienst, Germany.
Lots of new Chief & 741 parts from ITD: Tanks, wheel hubs, authentic batteries and more!
(note 1.00: ITD's new website is at Moen)

12.05.99 Jürgen Hecker, Germany.
More new 101 parts from Hecker: Gears, front fork rocker arms, rims, spokes & more. Also complete Chief leaf spring forks coming soon!!

11.21.99 Kiwi Indian, California, USA.
Kiwi's currently making the '31-'40 "Indian face" horn face in exact chromed reproduction. It will retail for $99.95. They are also in the process of making the chromed front fender tips, with the original stamped Indian head logo (and as Mike bought the original factory tooling for this some time ago, you can hardly get more authentic than that!). The tips will cost $49.95.

11.21.99 Kiwi Indian, California, USA.
Kiwi's new Chief cylinder heads are now being made in a limited first run. You can reserve a set now!

11.21.99 Kiwi Indian, California, USA.
"The new Chief engine cases are progressing extremely well!", says Mike. Go here for more details. No prices yet, but Mike says: "We are really working hard to reduce a lot of our parts prices. This is coming along real well. We have many items so far that have been drastically reduced in price, so you should take a second at us if you found us high in the past!". Stay tuned for the new pricelist from Kiwi.

11.7.99 Here's the first pic of the Cycle Electric 12V Chief generator! Retail price probably below $200! Go here for more info.

10.31.99 Jürgen Hecker, Germany.
New parts for 101s! Tanks, fenders, all sheet metal, handlebars, front forks, wheel hubs, brakes & rims, exhausts, saddlebags, cylinders, flywheels & a lot more. This page is a little slow loading (lots of pictures!), but well worth the wait.

10.31.99 Michael Breeding. New Mexico, USA.
Sterling Sirens in military & civilian versions are available from Michael. Go here for pictures & story!

10.30.99 Duff, Ohio, USA.
Duff's Valve Cover Skirts are on sale!

10.30.99 Impax Mfg, Ontario, Canada.
Dave Molnar has relocated to: Impax Mfg, RR3 Mildmay, Ontario N0G 2J0 (phone: 519 367 2794), and has set up a new machine shop, so production of the '46-'48 Chief forks is finally possible (see pic here; click on picture to go back here!). Stay tuned for more news, or contact Dave on the email address above.

9.29.99 Kiwi Indian, California, USA.
New US made flywheels (74" & 80") now available off the shelf: $379.95  -Custom strokes possible! New forged H-section rods for Chiefs now available off the shelf: $299.95(!). Full story & more pictures here! Complete bottom ends (all parts Kiwi made): $999.95 + labor for fitting/truing/balancing. Transmission kits; everything that goes inside your gearbox: $959.95. Transmission cases: $599.95. Complete repro gearboxes supplied to order. 

9.29.99 Kiwi Indian, California, USA.
New Chief engine cases with cam cover due late December! New Chief heads due late November! All of this is state of the art; CAD designed casting patterns are machined on CNC machinery, as is the final machining of the castings. Cases are 356-T6 aluminum, and are made to Kiwi's specification by an OEM supplier to Ford, GM, HD, Ex-Hend and numerous drag & NASCAR teams. I'm really looking forward to seeing these! Moen. Stay tuned for updates & prices!

9.29.99 Kiwi Indian, California, USA.
New complete repro Chief engine available soon from Kiwi Indian! Everything but the cylinders are of Kiwi manufacture! Stay tuned for this one! Next from the Kiwi factory will be their own cylinders. Initial work has also been started on an all-new high-tech clutch (which will come in pretty handy for the hod-rodding the new engine cases invite! Moen), and a constant mesh gearbox also lies ahead. Stay tuned for updates as I get them.

9.29.99. Duff, Ohio, USA.
New Valve Cover Skirts from Duff has gone into prototype testing. Stop your valve cover leaks. More info & pictures here.

9.19.99. Duff, Ohio, USA.
New Moto Valve auxilliary breather for Chiefs has gone into prototype testing. More info & pictures here.

9.2.99 Qua International, Holland.
Much talked about sintered bronze clutches for twins (Scouts & Chiefs) and fours (Indian, Ace & Henderson). Click here for info, prices & pictures! Exclusive to the Virtual Indian: Here's the complete fitting instructions for the four cylinder clutch!

7.25.99. Duff, Ohio, USA.
Handlebar mounting kit for vertical Indians (model 149, 249 etc). $35 + shipping. See picture below (and/or click here for another picture!).

7.17.99.  Kiwi Indian, California, USA.
32T kicker gears $150. Ratchet gears to fit $80. Shock covers in extruded chrome steel ("none finer!" says Steve, but admits he may be biased...) $45 per side. Coming soon is: 28T kicker gears. Kiwi can make kicker gears to fit 101s, Power Plus'es and what have you! Just let them know what you want & allow 6 weeks for delivery. Coming at a later date (i.e. project in progress) is new forged pistons. These promise to be high performance, low weight and reasonably priced. Watch this space or contact Kiwi on the address above.

6.21.99. Kiwi Indian, California, USA.
80" flywheels (+ a few 74") retail $379.95. Any custom stroke can be had: 3-5 weeks and prepayment (slight extra charge). There'll be pictures any day now... Rods in the works & coming real soon.

6.21.99. Impax Mfg, Ontario, Canada. new email address (and again 10.28.99!)
Dave says: "The '46-'48 forks are stil on the go. Things have been busy & spare time very limited, but they are coming along nice!". New address: Impax Mfg, RR5, Bellwood Ontario, N0B 1J0, Canada. Phone/fax: 519 856 4288.

6.8.99. Resurrection Cycle Works, USA.
New Seatpost for 1940-42 Fours. Picture below. Also from RCW: Chief Seatposts, pre-1935 gas/oil caps, Leaf Spring Forks Rocker Stud Rebuild Kits. All at:

5.15.99. Kiwi Indian, California, USA.
Lots of things happening in Riverside CA. Complete Chief Bottom Ends will be available very soon! Crank Cases (made from the finest 356-T6 aluminum) are at the machinist. New Flywheels (made in Kansas and made for Indians, not modified HD wheels) are available NOW. New Rods available soon. Bonneville Cams for both Scouts & Chiefs and Followers for Chiefs have been available for some time. This stuff is a natural match for the australian OHV top end, no? Who will be the first to build an All New OHV Chief Motor with these parts??? Moen. New Stainless Steel Chief Exhausts coming soon (at "very competitive prices" and with "absolutely beautiful finish" says Mike) These 100% exact duplicate exhausts in CNC bent & highly polished stainless steel are in production and will be available shortly. New Chief Heads in 356-T6 aluminum may be on their way too... Finally the Battery on test (see entry 2.2.99) is doing well and will also be very competitively priced. Stay tuned for more info on all of this (or contact Kiwi) & for the pictures Mike has promised us...

5.15.99. Lyle Landstrom please note change of address!
is making a lot of neat stuff in his garage foundry. Here's a selection: "Script type" Primary Covers for Sport Scouts (at this time only available in unmachined state), Air Cleaners and some purely decorative pieces (and very much so!) like plaques & ash trays. Pictures of Lyle's parts here!

5.15.99 Wigwam Engineering, Australia.
New OHV Chief up & running! Pictures here! And more on the Starklite website (

4.1.99. Starklite Indian, California, USA.
Gary Stark says: "We've been making Alum Oil Pump gears, and Cast Iron Oil Pump gear sets for over 2 years now !" #464011/2A ALum Pump Gear Set (5 Gears) $109.95 List $102.50 IMCA. #41370/1 Cast Iron Oil Pump Gear Set (2 gears) $54.95 List $52.50 IMCA

4.1.99. Kiwi Indian, California, USA.
For those who need them, I have new gas tanks (usually in stock). Price is $650. State the year you need (we have a set of 47-53 tanks in stock now). Steve, Kiwi Indian Parts.

3.20.99. New gears & bodies for '48-up aluminum oil pumps are coming! The gears have been tested by both  Kiwi Indian and another well known dealer, and found as good as or better than stock gears. More info here, or from the maker new email address 10.28.99!

3.20.99. Modern oil filtration for Chiefs in a neat "factory look" design. Prototype stage, but who knows? Talk to Fritz or see Oil Pump Page here.

3.20.99. Starklite Indian, California, USA.
Not news, but very nice all the same! Starklite reproduce all the parts for the Original Indian Ignition Switches.
"We have also improved these parts by using modern materias versus the orginal Bakelite parts. For Example, the main rotor is bakelite and can crack from use. We now manufacture this from Delron, and it can be thrown at the floor as hard as you can and it will bounce back up into your hand undamaged. The price to rebuild your original switch is $43.00 Labor + Parts. A complete reproduction switch as original is $179.95. If you have any questions please email or call", says Gary Stark.

3.20.99. While no production plans exist as of this moment, a very interesting US made replacement Chief generator, based on the well known "SF" HD aftermarket alternator has been prototyped. More info here or from Fritz, the creator of it (

3.20.99. CE generator nears testing stage. Read about it here.

3.4.99. Alton. Brest. France.
The new generator (12v, 150W AC) to fit Chiefs is making progress. 2 prototypes have been made and "are looking good" according to Paul. Paul promises to send pictures soon.

3.4.99. The CE generator is also coming along nicely, and while not a total Autolite replica, it promises to be a traditional lower priced alternative.

2.25.99. Michael Breeding. New Mexico, USA.
Girder fork shackles (all types: see below) are also available from Michael. They sell at a price of $75 each. The originals were drop forged and Rockwell about 28. Michael's are heat treated 4140, not cast mild steel, and rockwell at 38-42. They also have the original foundry marks, are exact interchange and replacements for originals, and are virtually cosmetically indistinguishable from originals. Also available from Michael are 1946-48 & 1950-53 risers in heat treated 4140 and with serrations for grabbing the handlebars, as per originals, and front fork spring seats, 46-48.

2.25.99 Starklite Indian, California, USA.
New front fork parts from Starklite available for immediate shipping: #767008 Upper Left Girder Fork Shackle  #767007 Upper Right Girder Fork Shackle ('46 only) or for use w/sidecars. #767009 Lower Right Girder Fork Shackle '47-49 or repl '46. #767010 Lower Left Girder Fork Shackle '47-49 or repl '46. #767011 Upper Right Girder Fork Shackle '47-49 or repl '46. #767012 Upper Left Girder Fork Shackle '47-49 or repl '46. All Shackles: List Price $69.95 or Indian M/C Club of America Price $64.95
2.17.99. Kiwi Indian, California, USA.
Kiwi will be in Daytona & Eustis, and will display their new parts. The Truett & Osborn 80" flywheels are done and Mike says: "Cosmetically they look fantastic and they true up extremely well".

2.14.99. Impax Mfg, Ontario, Canada.
Dave Molnar from Impax Manufacturing has received the long awaited castings from Michael Breeding for the '46 to '48 Chief girder fork project. He says that they are no less than exceptional in quality. "Michael Breeding has done it again!!". Plans are for an immediate start on the first limited production run. He expects that this first five units will be ready in two to three weeks. Soon Dave also hopes to start work on the '48 Chief frame project. Moen, well known as the list manager and webmaster respectively for the "Virtual Indian" mailing list and web site, has very kindly offered a '48 Chief frame to use as a sample. For further information on either of these projects, please email Dave at (Hey, I didn't write all that about myself! This is a real bona fide Press Release from Impax Mfg, something more manufacturers could take after. Blushing webmaster)

2.11.99. Marc Michon, California, USA.
Motolamps are $435 black and $475 chrome, and Marc says: "I  just got acess to bulbs and lense clips, etc. I'll work up a list. The H4 conversion is; 12v  $45, 6v  $55. Kit contains socket , bulb, and connector (pigtail). I have had these for a couple of years. New prefocus bulbs: 32-32  $12, 50 -32  $16, these are rated in candle power. Much brighter prefocus halogen bulb with a standard prefocus base to fit directly into original pre focus socket: 50 - 50 watt 12v  $32.95, 35 - 35 watt 6v  $39.95, prefocus socket $ 19. These are heavy duty automotive type with a shell & screw terminals. Halogen tail/stop light; these aint cheap but are bright. Brighter taillights are safer: 55-5 6v bdl/offset pins $39.95, 55-5 12c dbl/offset $32.95. I have to still make sure the lense clips fit correctly". Marc's website is at:

2.7.99. Starklite Indian, California, USA.
New parts from Starklite: 160045IN Chrome Indian Script Wheel Disc $59.95, SW Front Wheel Speedo Drive Unit (price unknown), 160024 New Mfg Front Fender Tips 74.95 -& more... Gary says "We're always making new items".

2.2.99. Michael Breeding. New Mexico, USA.
There's just too many parts to mention all in Michael's new catalog, but here's a few: All 5 headlamp mounting brackets 1938-48 $70 each, 75740 battery hold down clamp, Chief 1940-51 $35, 41924 Sport Scout/741 fork hand wheel $30. Coming parts (those 20 new molds from 12.16.98): 228003 Police Special generator bracket assy, 103311B siren attaching bracket, 86391 sidecar front mount, and more... You can order a catalog at the above e-mail address, or see Michael's online catalog

2.2.99 Kiwi Indian, California, USA.
Daytona Scout cams are being finish machined now, and the testing of the new 6V Wisco replica battery is going well, with Mike clocking up the miles in not-so sunny California. Mike & Steve are editing the video manuals, they've been working on (available soon through the Indian Riders International Club), and Mike's also working on his comprehensive Repair & Overhaul Manual (paper, not video). More later.

2.2.99 Marc Michon, California, USA.
Marc is making very nice looking Motolamps including real bright 50/32 cp 6V pre focus and presumably H4 versions too. More info + prices when I get it from Marc. Marc's website is at:

1.17.99. Kiwi Indian, California, USA.
The new stainless steel kicker arm is on its way back from heat treatment. This is the extra long late Chief version for more oomph, and bent just right so as not to take your exhaust system out! 32T version. One month ago you could read here about Kiwi having new Chief crank cases cast. Now they are machining up one set!! Kiwi is also machining a set of their new  80" flywheels by Truett & Osborn to try out in one of their bikes. "Nothing like testing it out first, you know" says Steve. He promises that we'll know when they know, so stay tuned!

1.2.99. Michael Breeding. New Mexico, USA. 
News from Michael relevant to the ongoing discussion on generators. Now you can run the fat Police Special generator on your Chief!. Michael says: "I've just made up the mold for the Police Special generator bracket and cap. These will be heat treated 4140 chrom-moly steel, in other words they will be springy like the originals. Nothing worse than having to use a pry-bar to open up a repo generator bracket to remove or adjust your generator. Should be available this spring. No price yet but it will NOT be the most economical way to generate electricity to your battery, the brackets will be pricy. Also, complete siren assemblies".

1.2.99 Starklite Indian, California, USA.
Not new parts, but available right now, and relevant to the ongoing discussions about New Parts & project groups. #SLC-5 Complete Compensator Sprocket Assembly $569.95 L $539.95 C. #773002 80" Drive Shaft $114.95 L $109.95 C. #789005R Complete Front Brake Shoes Ready to use with Bonded vrs Riveted Linings $144.95 L $139.95 C. #76249 Rear Brake Shoes Ready to use with bonded lingings: $144.95L $139.95C. (Presumably L = list price, C = club price. Stay tuned for info on the "club to save you money"!)

12.27.98.  Impax Mfg, Ontario, Canada.
Michael Breeding has contacted Impax Manufacturing about the progress of the fork castings and says: "The molds for the 2 fork casting look very good, I expect them to work out OK the first time."  After the Christmas crunch, when production at the foundry gets going again the castings will be produced and sent to Michael for inspection and then delivered to Impax for final machining and fork production (possibly early January). A small test run of five units will be hand made at this time and could be available for around the end of January '99. A price for the repop fork will become available when the initial run is complete. Not all of the first five units have been spoken for at this time. For more information contact Dave at Impax by email. -And stay tuned for new photos of the Impax fork very soon!
12.17.98. Kiwi Indian, California, USA.
New Chief crank cases have been cast and are awaiting final machining! No dates yet, but stay tuned! These cases are made by a well known manufacturer of aftermarket HD cases, so quality should be very good. Kick start arms in cast stainless steel for both 28T and 32T gears are available after the New Year Holiday. New items in stock right now: Bonneville cams and cam followers (followers sold complete with new rollers & rivets), helical gears P/N 101029 & 101030, cam drive gear P/N 38415. Also in stock: Chief cylinders from  Flathead Power, Sweden  -as Steve says; "none finer"!

12.16.98. Various Mailing Lists. Talk about New 4 Speed Chief Gearboxes has been going on. Centering on Ted Williams' wide ratios, there is a (good?) chance of maybe 10 sets of gears being made in Germany. 4 speed gears fit onto stock shafts and into stock cases. Shifting tower & mechanism are different, but sufficient original parts is thought to exist for small batch production. Stay Tuned to this channel for more info as the situation develops...

12.16.98. Michael Breeding. New Mexico, USA.
Michael just returned from a week at the foundry making moulds for 20 new parts (tell us what they are, Mike!). The Chief Kick Pedal Mount replacement casting (P/N FR18 in Breeding's online catalog) is in production now. Michael will deliver castings for the girder forks to Impax fairly soon, and says that he has no plans for Chief frames or major casting now or in the forseeable future; "too many very good frames available at $1000 or less", says Michael.

12.16.98. Kiwi Indian, California, USA.
New flywheels by Truett & Osborn in Kansas. Will be available in 74", 80" & custom strokes! These wheels are the correct weight for Indians unlike the current S&S offerings. 80" wheels will be ready in a couple of weeks, 74" wheels soon after (when can we buy the BIG wheels, Steve?). Kiwi also plan for new rods at a lower price than Carrillos (that they helped develop). We will know about that when they know about it.

12.15.98. Impax Mfg, Ontario, Canada.
Prototype girder forks ready (as shown at Davenport). Project resting while waiting for castings. More info to follow shortly. Dave at Impax is reluctant to start reproducing other parts until some $$ starts to flow back in, so buy some forks, guys! It would be nice to see Dave's obvious skills applied to other parts too. Dave has been thinking about frames,  but the cost is frightening (until we get enough Virtual Indians on the road to allow volume production...) See photo of girder forks below!

 Impax 46-48 forks prototype. Click here to go to newest update!

12.14.98. Starklite Indian, California, USA.
New tooling for hot forged kicker arms just paid for. These arms are for 32T gear. Note that arms are not cast but forged, and should be stronger than the original Indian arm. Should be ready for sale mid 99. New flywheels at approximately half the cost of current S&S wheels. Should be ready in 2 months. New forged rods at approximately 50% lower cost than current Carrillo rods. Ready late 99/early 00. Spring Frame Slipper Rod (P/N 723001); this previously unavaible part has finished heat treating and is now being ground to correct size. For sale 1.1.99. Rear Shock Body castings coming soon (how soon, Gary?). This is the last part needed to build Complete New Rear Shock assys for spring frame Chiefs! The complete Starklite online catalog will be ready soon (how soon, Gary?).