Indian Clubs Worldwide
Updated December 2000  
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 American Historic Racing Motorcycle Racing Association
 Antique Motorcycle Club of America Main website. See the VI links for chapter sites.
 All American Indian Motorcycle Club  Here's an article from the AAIMC newsletter!
 Indian Klub Danmark Danish Indian Club (website mostly in Danish)
 Indian Motocycle Club, Germany  Just updated into a great site!
 Indian Motorcycle Club International  New site for the international club!
 Indian Motorcycle Club of Australia  Nice pictures!
 Indian Motorcycle Club of Belgium Website in french
 Indian Motorcycle Club of Great Britain Brand new site! New!
 Indian Motorcycles Club France  Great website!
 Indian Motocycle Owners Club Inc, Australia Great new site!
 Indian Owners Register of new Zealand New "down under" website!
 The 101 Association, USA  No presentation needed! :-)
 Stichting Indian Motorcycle Club Nederland The Dutch Indian club. Great site!
 Swedish Indian Club Nice website, but only in swedish...

 Fred Dufrene's list of Indian Clubs  Contact information for more Indian clubs!

If you know of an Indian club with a website not listed here, please let me know!

If your club wants a "sample" page on the VI website like the AAIMC above, just ask!