December 2000 Warpath Update
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    Warpath Update
    By Moen
Jim Wall has finished machining the first of Lyle's cam covers, and everything looks fine. These covers are cast extra deep to make room for otional "four-cams" (an extra lobe on the stock cams to be run with a special lift for the exhaust valves), which should provide a whole new range of cam timing options. 

The covers can also be machined to stock thickness to be used with the factory cam setup. Naturally, since the sides of the covers taper for release
from the mold, this means that the fit against the cases is a compromise in both stock and four-cam mode, but the "misfit" is small and Lyle is tweaking the pattern further to minimize this.

Other Warpath relevant projects going on:

Rick Abbott started machining of the outer primary covers. The inners are ready for sale. Rick already has a neat drive side bearing retainer nut with a lip seal ready.

Lyle is making a pattern for the 1948-up aluminum oil pump (and there may even be a special hot rod version with fins!), and two independent project groups are working on gears and pump bodies.

There is (pretty serious sounding) talk on the VI Mailing List about new transmission cases to take Sportster parts for a 4-speed hand shift Scout and Warpath transmission. More here as it happens.

An international project group is working undercover (well, kinda low profile, anyway) on a new intake nipple/manifold/port package for 741 cylinders as well as a "standard" 45" stroker option for 741s, which will also be highly relevant to Warpaths.

Yet another low profile project is new distributors for electronic ignition. More about this here too as the story unfolds.

Several people seem to be working independently on new frames (mostly all-welded designs, but authentic replicas just might happen too) and new forks, possibly with a modern "coil-over" shock to replace the spring may be part of one of these projects as well. Stay tuned.

Click on pictures for full size

Original 648 cam cover left, new Warpath cover for Four-Cams right

Interior view of the same covers

Notice extra thickness for Four-Cams. The new covers can be milled down to stock thickness

More about Four-Cams here!

Complete overview of the 
Warpath Project 
so far here!

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