December 2000 Tech Feature
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   Introducing Liberty Rings:
 PEEK Compliant Manifold Seals
   By Cotten
Is your motor a time bomb with a lit fuse?
Manifold leaks are the Number One cause of hard starting, overheating, and tuning problems, besides the more serious implications that arise thereafter, like stuck pistons and bent rods.

Virgin manifolds are expensive even when available, and you still risk squeezing the spigots out of shape attempting to get a good seal on the unforgiving brass ferrules or "cones". By then you have blemished your expensive cadmium plating, or even forced the nuts out of round.

Brass was the best the Wigwam had. But Time marches on...and now we have PEEK.

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Liberty Rings ready to go + resized manifold.

What is PEEK?
Victrex PEEK is a polyaryletherketone resin that combines outstanding tribological performance with excellent mechanical properties over a wide temperature range. With a high continous operating temperature of (500 F {260 C} UL746B), it is used in such automotive applications as distributor rotor arms for the Ferrari Testarosa as well as thrustwashers and seals in Viper transmissions. It's the best that money can buy.

Liberty will cut PEEK seals to fit your mildly worn manifold, or resize your Chief's badly eroded spigots for oversize seals. Liberty Rings are measured on a tapered mandrel to assure accuracy of a tight fit on the spigot, and are stocked for immediate shipping.

Liberty Rings and resized manifolds. Restored Linkert illustrated the serious nature of Liberty Motorcycle Specialties' range of services
What special tools do I need?
Every rider should have a manifold wrench anyway. Beyond that, it is prudent to improvise a means of leak-testing, such as a perforated cork for the mouth of the manifold where low airpressure (15 psi max) can be fed while leaks are snooped out with detergent and water. The nuts need only be tightened until all foaming has stopped. Check for loosening at your regular service intervals.

How much do they cost?
Liberty Rings are $50 US a pair; Resizing your Chief manifold is another $20.

In addition to carburetor and manifold service, Liberty offers complete powerplant rebuilding, including balancing and radical salvage repair.

Cotten at Liberty Motorcycle Specialties can be reached by phone at 309-246-3509 or email:

See more on Liberty's VI Dealer Page

Here's the pressure test fitting Stan Jessup made for the Liberty Rings on his Chief Project. Even with factory seals pressure testing is the best methos to ensure good sealing
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