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   Team 3K Racing
   By Steve Adams
Racing the dirt flat tracks of Southern California, requires the latest motor technology, the trickest frames with a rider who has more, uh, well, nerve than the next guy. This is what makes a top notch racer.. So what does it take to jump on 60 year old motorcycles and ride them like the IRS was on their tail? Well let us flash back to the early 80's.

One of the most dedicated motorcycle collector in Southern California was one Dean Hensley. He loved motorcycles, loved racing motorcycles and he especially had a soft spot for Springfield iron. In his vast collection of Indian iron, was a 40's flat tracker, a Bonneville racer powered by a dual carburated Scout motor (know as the "Harley Eater") and several other racers (of various makes). His most famous Indian, however, was the Bert Munro Streamliner. This machine holds the record for the fastest Indian, averaging nearly 190 mph. Several stories have already been written about the Munro Special, and not wanting to repeat the story, our story will concern the early 40's flat tracker.

Before Dean acquired this bike, it was once the terror of the local tracks in and around the Los Angeles area. Winning many races before the Milwaukee brand came out with their improved KR racer and relegated the Indian to the back of some garage. Dean rescued this bike, adding it to his collection. Unfortunately, before he could restore her, he lost his life in a traffic accident, and to the back of the garage the Scout went again. After several years passed, Dean's brother Tom brought the bike out storage and proceeded to race her, mostly at Ventura Raceway and other Southern Calif. tracks. Tom struggled on, getting a handle on the Scout and improving at each race.

One afternoon while bench racing in the pits at Ventura, Ed Kretz Jr. who had supplied the brew the night before, and Mike "Kiwi" Tomas, who had supplied the Dunlop tires and Tom decided to start a racing team. Noted engine builder, Steve Huntzinger, noticed that with Kretz and Kiwi, they had 2 "K"s, and just need a third for a "cool name that no one will forget". Well that afternoon, 3K Racing was born: Karl-Kretz-Kiwi, named for Dean KARL Hensley; Eddie KRETZ Jr. and Mike KIWI Tomas.

Now as an official "team" Tom was the only one racing at the time. He had been getting better, beating many of the foot shift riders he had to race against, as he was usually the only hand shifter out on the track. Eddie would bring his Scout out every so often, and Tom threw a "2K" number plate on a Harley racer that Dean had in his collection. Now everyone had a number: 1K Tom Hensley Scout; 2K Tom Hensley WR; 3K Eddie Kretz Jr. Scout. With two well known names tossing the Scouts around the race track, the team became more and more recognizable.

1994 marked the last year Eddie would race. Looking for another racer to join up with Tom, they found it in Eric Vaughn and his 1929 101 Scout....

So look to future installments of 3K Racing.

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Team 3K lineup

Ed Kretz Jr

Spare racing bike in the Kiwi workshop

Newest Team 3K member Eric Vaughn currently holds records at Bonneville in class MVG at 126.45mph and MVG-PS at 132.34mph

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