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The VI magazine is kind of designed to be printed out (if you want a "hard copy" Indian magazine to read where you can't bring the computer!), and I have tested this with a couple of the most common browser programs (Netscape 3.0 and 4.75 + MSInternetExplorer 3.0 and 5.0: It's written to look its best in Netscape, by the way), but I have no way of testing with every browser available. If you should have any problems with this, write me and I'll see what I can do to help.

One part of the VI site, which may warrant special attention for printing, is the drawings. I have found that this approach gives the best results (on Windows machines; I know little about Macs, I'm afraid):

1) Save the drawing (not the whole page) as an image file (.gif) on your desktop.

2) Open it with an image editor such as PaintShopPro.

3) Set the paper format to "landscape" (paper lying down) in page setup.

4) Hit print preview to see how it will look. Go to page setup, and play around with the margins, headers and footers until the drawing will fit on the page. Then print it out.

You may also print the drawings directly from most browser programs. The general procedure goes something like this in most cases:

1) If your browser has a print preview feature (Netscape), open the page in this to see how it fits the paper.

2) Go to page setup, set the paper format to "landscape" and play with the margins, headers and footers (page number, page title etc), until the drawing fits the page in print preview. Then print it out.

3) If your browser don't have this feature (InternetExplorer), go to page setup, set the paper to "landscape" and click "no" to all page headers and footers. Minimize the margins. Then print out. Adjust as needed.

I hope this helps.


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