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   Sidecar Bodies from NZ
By Moen

With these great looking 1940-53 sidecar bodies from Classicar Restoration Ltd in New Zealand + the other options (I think there's at least one or two US makers as well as one in Denmark, and I wouldn't be surprised to hear of more somewhere), there's really no excuse for leaving the family behind when you go for a ride on your late model Indian.

Alan Bowden of Classicar is well versed in metalworking tecniques as his main line is restoration of some pretty fancy cars for clients all over the world. So far he is only making the bodies for the Indian sidecars, but if there's enough interest, fenders and frames can also be made.

Besides cars, Classicar also restores motorcycles - like this nice 1940 Chief.


Fitting new fenders


Nothing to do with Indians, really, but the obvious craftsmanship of this aluminum body for a Cobra Daytona on the Clasicar site just kinda caught my eye...

Click on pictures for full size

Alan makes exact copies of Indian sidecars, having used a friend's original for the details. He also recreated the wooden parts for the arm rests and the seat.

The sidecar bodies cost $1500US. The wood kit for the seat and arm rests is $220US. The rear mounting bracket is $28US. Crating and freight is extra.

You can contact Classicar Restoration Ltd at 181B Station Road, Penrose, Auckland, New Zealand. Phone/fax: Int + 649 525 1300. Mail: PO Box 74 150,
Market Road, Auckland, New Zealand. E-mail:


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