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    101 Stroker Shafts
   By Moen
New 101 stroker shafts from Germany for those wanting a little (or a lot) more go for their 101. The 45" HD WL flywheels and rods are a classic mod for fast 101s, giving you 50" with 45" 101 cylinders and 45" with 37" bore. The 50" setup for 101s is considered the fastest of all stroker options including using Chief flywheels (the revs are limited by the long Chief stroke). 

The HD flywheels are a lot stronger than the open early Scout flyweels, which are prone to cracking, and the rods are both stronger and lighter, and require minimal modification (new piston pin bush) for use in Scouts. The HD parts are freely available and usually quite cheap.  Until now, taper adapters have been available for fitting Scout shafts into the HD wheels, but one-piece shafts must be the right way to do it.

The shafts are made by Bruno Stadler in Dueren, Germany and exclusively distributed by Mat Elvenkemper. Shafts are Rockwell 60-62 HRC, the threads are Rockwell 44 HRC. The shafts have correct lenght, correct hardness, correct tapers and oil holes for the HD wheels in the correct position. Bruno also has the complete range of stock pinion-, drive- and crankpins for Powerplus, Prince, Junior Scout, Sport Scout, 741 and all Chief models. These are also available through Mat since Bruno doesn't speak English.

Thrust washers for the HD flywheels are also available, and Mat can even help with pistons (high quality German Mahle brand) for this application.

Price in Europe: (Euro149,95) incl. Sales Tax for the set (pinion and drive
shaft). Price outside Europe: US$119.95 for the set. Shipping added at actual cost.

Contact Mat Elvenkemper at:

M11 Motorcycles
Blumenstrasse 20
D-47198 Duisburg

Phone +49 2066 54245, Fax +49 2066 54246, Email

Click on pictures for full size

Stroker drive shaft for all Scouts 1920-up

"Early" type pinion shaft fits all Scouts 1920-1930. 

The hole in the taper for oil supply to the crank pin would not be nesseccary (but it won't hurt) for early models because they simply pump oil in the case that is being thrown up by the flywheels to cool and lubricate cylinder walls and underside of pistons.

No, it isn't really flat on one side! 
It was just put directly on a flatbed scanner since there was no time for a "real" photo...

"Late" type pinion shaft (with the extension of the screw) fits all 1931 Scout 101 with the new oil pump (with oil supply depending on throttle position)

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