December 2000 News
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    New Tanks and Fenders
   By Moen
Matt Blake's Iron Horse Corral website has been updated (see web review), and now shows his full range of fenders for most models 1934-1953 (there's even Distpatch Tow fenders!).

New from Matt, available in January 2001, is also welded gas tanks for most models. 

A neat detail on the Iron Horse Corral website is installation tips for sheet metal. Anyone who has tried knows that it often takes quite a lot of work to make Indian fenders (both original and repro) fit as they were intended, and it's great with some insider tips.

Check out the full range of fenders and tanks at
We're working on a full VI Dealer Page for the Iron Horse Corrall, and if all goes well it should be in the next VI. Click on pictures for full size
1946-47 Chief front fender $379.00
1946-47 Chief rear fender $479.00
New welded tanks will be available in January 2001. $649.00 for a pair
1940-53 sidecar fender, available for both left and right side $529.00
Matt also has fenders for most earlier models, here a 1935 Chief front fender $399.00
Matt also has emblems, tank strips, mounting bolts and other tank relevant parts.
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