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   Bonneville Scout Valve Lifts
By Moen

"Bonneville" was the name of the hotted-up versions of the Chiefs and Sport Scouts, and among the speed parts fitted at the factory were cams and lifts. On the Chief both intake and exhaust lifts differed from those in the base model, but  the Scouts used the stock intake lifts and shorter lifts only on the exhaust side to achieve the desired valve timing.

Standard 1940-42 Sport Scout lifts are fairly easy to find (they are the same in 741s), but there's not a lot of Bonneville Scout lifts around at the swap meets.

Matt Wilkinson decided to do some thing about this, and had a batch of 10 Bonneville exhaust lifts made. They are made from 8620 steel. The heel is hardened to 62 Rockwell. The rest of the lift is left soft, about 32 to 34 Rockwell.

Matt got a lowball price from the machinist for the first run of lifts, and was able to pass them on to the VI list for US$200.00 a set (there may still be a set available). Regular price for non VI Listers is US$250.00. If there are enough people interested (10 or more) he will get some more made up, but will have to charge US$300.00 per set. If you are interested, email him at

Click on pictures for full size

Stock length lifts left, Matt's Bonneville exhaust lifts right

Matt's Bonneville lifts

Jim Wall's article on Scout cam timing in VI #8 explains all about the different Scout lifts anc cam options

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