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  Legion Frame Update
By Frank Woslum

Here is the situation with the Legion Chief frame... fabrication of the kits/frames is a bit expensive and I am not in a position to financially take it on. However, as my contribution to the "movement", I am sending you the complete plans in AutoCad drawing format to be uploaded to the VI List files area. I feel that the way this should be done is to make them available to the VI readers free of charge. I would like to retain all fabrication rights for future marketing as a commercial venture, but otherwise, they are a gift to the readership to for personal use. I have had a lot of fun developing this, and would appreciate any and all input from anyone who chooses to build one. I will continue to pursue the fabrication end on this, but time is getting tight and I am about 70% finished with a 741 one piece replacement frame design. I would like to devote more time to finishing it as a faithful reproduction frame.
   At any rate, Happy Holidays to you and all of the readers :)

Thanks Frank, I think that's a real nice gesture! I hope we'll see lots of DIY legion framed bikes out there, and that the builders will send you a kind thought once in a while.

However, I am not sure the VI List files can take AutoCad files, and in any case that would leave out the VI'ers without AutoCad software, so here's your plans converted to .gif format for all to read. Converting from AutoCad to .gif isn't the easiest, however, and we lost some detail. 

We're working on getting everything right, and the complete plans with notes will be posted here asap. Anyone in a real big hurry to get started on their Legion frame can contact Frank at 


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More about the Legion frame here

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