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    Jump Seats
   By Moen
Charles Qua in Holland has made a new range of jump seats for most models of Indians. The seats feature cast aluminum full-pan seat covered with hand stitched, finest quality, traditional oak bark tanned molding leather, and come ready to mount.

 "Saddle" tank type jump seat. This copy of the original accessory also fits over the speedo drive cable.

The "before '32" model (between the rails) comes with two spacers and a 3/8 bolt with 5/16 x 24 thread. This bolt goes in from the left to the right side, as originally there is a 5/16 x 24 thread in the righthand side lug. The lug on the left side has a 3/8 hole.

Jump seat for a fuel tank "between the rails". There is friction between the jumpseat and the frame lugs, so it will not accidentaly flip over which could cause you to sing soprano.

The "32 and later" model (saddle type fuel tank) comes with a 3/8 x 24 bolt which goes in from the right to the left side as originally there is a 3/8 x 24 thread in the left side of the saddle bracket.

Depending on the situation the leather of the seat will rest on the fuel tank or on the dash. As there is some friction between the jump seat and the saddle bracket there is deflection of the seat when the saddle springs.

You can give the oak bark tanned leather the patina you wish. This one was done one time with dark-tan shoe polish.

Price: US$285.00 including shipment by air worldwide. Please state type!

Qua International
Pr. Margrietlaan 18
1182 BG  Amstelveen
The Netherlands

Phone: +31 20 6479142  Fax: +31 20 6381107  Email:

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