December 2000 News
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   Improved-Ratio Gears
   By Rick Abbott
The Chief and Scout 3-speed trans has some pretty big jumps between the gears, and correspondance on the List indicates that we should look at raising 1st a little and 2nd a lot to give a spacing of the ratios more suited to today's higher road speeds. The original 2nd is set at about the 30%+/- mark between first and third, where 50% (roughly 1.23) is more realistic. The new gear sets will give you a higher ratio (lower numerically) in  first to help narrow the gap, then a lower ratio (higher numerically) in second to further reduce the gap.  This is the same thing we used to do with Lincoln gears in flatty Ford trannys to get more speed in first gear.

All the blanks are cut for 10 sets with a total cost of $ 1600.00 so far.  With the gear cutting and heat treat, I think we will come in well under $ 500.00 per set. I think that all 10 sets are spoken for, anyone else needs any I need to start a second batch.

Also, I can make wider gears if anyone wants them.  The stock teeth are 
.550", HD runs .625"'s, there is ample room inside the Indian case for the 
.625 gears as long as the shifting mechanism is all in top shape, Indian left a LOT of extra room between the gears.  Also, my new gears are made from 8620 same as new S&S gears which should be strong enough, don't know what the originals were but doubt they were 8620.

Stay tuned for more gear news in next issue of the VI!

Click on pictures for full size

8620 Gear blanks.

Also from Rick, this shot of the first finished outer primary covers just arrived. They are based on Lyle's castings. More next time.

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