December 2000 Blueprints
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   Prints of Parts and Parts of Prints...
By Dave Clements

The 640 rear frame section is finally done! Jeff did a wonderful job and Lyle converted them for me during a week that he already had enough to do as the version of Microstation that Jeff uses doesn't output bitmapped files. And better yet I got my rear frame section back. Wonder if a week will be long enough to wait before I start ragging on Jeff to finish the front section so I can start putting the 640 back together?

We are still looking for more draftsmen or draftswomen and project ideas. Does anyone have a 741 rear frame section thats off the bike right now?

There were severall posts on the list recently about what thickness
materials to use for severall Scout parts. Because of the varying age, region, primary industry, ect of the draftsmen on this project they put bills of material, material notes, ect in various places on the print. They also use several different weld symbols. But they work very hard for free and always put these notes somewhere on the drawing. Just spend a few minute looking it's there.

Dave Clements
Sport Scouts & Antique Electronics

Also in this issue of the VI: 
Prints for Frank Woslum's Legion Chief frame
VI Blueprints so far F/N
Rear Frame, Sport Scout 1940
Clutch pedal, Chief
Cylinder base gasket, SS/Warpath
Petcock mounting boss
Engine plates, Sport Scout, front
Engine plates, Sport Scout, rear
Engine plates, 1910-13
Footboard rail, right hand, 741
Footboard rail, left & right hand, 640
Brake pedal bushing
Crash bar spacer
Front fork main frame, 640
(main print + details)
-I'll look up the rest of the numbers soon... Moen

Wanna print the prints? Look here...

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