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Who's Who?
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Art Maune Wrote this great letter. Art's father, George, finished 6th in the Boardtrack Novice class in this year's Davenport races -at age 73!
Bob Kelley Regular VI columnist and contributor to the AMCA magazine. Rides a 101 Scout (and just bought another!). Lives in New Jersey.
Cindy Gargagliano Regular VI columnist, editor of the All American Indian Motorcycle Club Newsletter and the AAIMC website. Lives in Michigan.
Cotten Regular contributor of tech stories and event reports. Owns Liberty Motorcycle Specialties, a restoration shop dealing exclusively with antique motorcycles, in Lacon, Illinois.
Craig Cate Part of Indian Team NZ, Craig is on part two (in this issue) of the story on his own 741 racer project, combined with an investigation into just why those NZ Scouts are so fast. Craig is webmaster of the Indian Downunder website.
Dave Clements Dave Clements heads the VI Blueprint Team and is into 'Sport Scouts and Antique Electronics' as he signs his email. Lives in New Mexico.
Doug Dinicola Doug restored his 1946 Chief against the odds. Rode a Chief chopper in the 1960s. Lives in New York.
Duff Maker of the immensely successful King clutch together with Rob Olsen. Duff also makes the Moto Valve (extra case breather) and other neat parts. Always ready to share his vast knowledge of all things Indian tech on the mailing list. Lives in Ohio.
Frank Woslum Designer of the affordable all-purpose Legion frame for Chief powerplants (and there may be a Scout version + other neat things coming). Lives in Washington.
Jim Jones Just finished his first ground-up Indian restoration (and not looking for any more projects, oh no...) with the magnificent 1940 Sport Scout we have been following in the VI. Jim also coordinated the VI T-shirt fund raiser, and is a regular contributor of event reports. Lives in Maryland.
Jim Wall Regular contributor of Indian race tech articles. Jim is heavily into racing Sport Scouts but races other Indians too. Jim won the Boardtrack class at Davenport two years in a row! Lives in Colorado.
Lyle Landstrom Father of the Warpath, the VI casting guru, a man of an extraorinary number of talents. He also has a cool Chief bobber and did the drawings for this month's Blueprint page. Lives in Minnesota
Michael Breeding Produces an amazing range of, mainly cast, Indian parts and tools. Michael is also very knowledgeable about sidecars and Indian parts, tech and history in general and shares his knowledge freely on the VI mailing list. Lives in New Mexico.
Mike "Kiwi" Tomas Owner of Kiwi Indian Parts in Riverside, California. Travels extensively with the Kiwi parts truck all over the USA, and occasionally finds the time to write about his trips - also his trips by Indian!
Moen VI editor and coordinator. Owns a small bike repair and parts business and does web design for various businesses and organisations, including the Indian Klub Danmark website. Lives in Denmark, Europe.
Paul Bartholomew Part of the VI Blueprint Team, wrote the two-part wheel lacing article in this issue and has some pretty unorthodox Indian projects going (hopefully we'll hear more soon).
Paul Hanes Top Scout racer and tuner, part of Indian Team New Zealand, coordinator of the international race meet at Pukekohe in February 2001. NZ distributor of King clutch kits. Paul has a question about oil pumps in this issue.
Rocky Maker of repro Koslo OHV top ends for Scouts and Chiefs. Has been involved with a number of very fast bikes over the years and now runs Iron Wigwam, specializing in speed parts for Indian and HD. Lives in Pennsylvania.
Ron Grabowski Wrote this great letter. Lives in Oregon.
Stan Jessup One of the most prolific writers for the VI magazine and on the mailing list. Stan cranks out a steady stream of high-class restorations and great articles. Stan has a website selling King clutch kits, neon signs and oil filter kits. Lives in Oregon.
Steve Adams Parts manager at Kiwi Indian Parts in Riverside, California. Steve organizes the Century Ride Home charity road run from California to the Wigwam in 2001. Editor of the Indian Motorcycle Club International newsletter and website (which will be online with a major facelift soon).
Tim Pickering Regular VI columnist. Has created "the thinking man's guide to Indian choppers" with his Choppers Corner columns in the VI over the last year. Likes Ariels too and lives in Fiji.
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