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  By Moen  

Have you ever needed to get a simple spacer machined for your bike? Or thought about how neat it would be to get some new cylinder heads cast up? Or had the sudden idea that there must be a market for stainless drag pipes for Sport Scouts? (I'll take two sets!) -But since you are an accountant or work at the supermarket, or something other not very useful for projects like this, you don't know how to go about it? Ah, there's other folks in the same boat -or maybe they have the skills and machinery for making stuff but need something else. So they got an entry on the VI Exchange: The place to trade parts and services, and get together on new parts projects. The Exchange is part of the VI Network and all the parts kinda support each other to make things like this easier and more fun.
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VI Network

Everybody knows Indians were made from 1901 to 1953, right? But then there's all those other bikes with 'Indian' on the tank. From Royal Enfields over various mini bikes and mopeds to one-offs or low volume production bikes like Floyd Clymer's various attempts to resurrect the name. Gary Smalz has one of the most interesting post 1953 Indian history sites around. There's a lot of these late bikes covered and lots of photos.

Post 1953 History
But that's not all there is on Gary Smalz' Indian site. It is one of the oldest and biggest Indian sites, so many of you probably knows it, but here's a little rundown of just a tiny part of what's on it: Brochures and memorabilia, for sale ads, writeups on trips and events, links to all the Indian mailing lists and some neat Indian stuff offered for sale. 

Gary Smalz' site
Gearhead site of the month is about brazing. Brazing is actually just soldering at high temperature, not high enough to melt the metal being joined (that's what welding is about), but giving higher strength than regular soldering. Brazing was used a lot in earlier times (Indian frames are brazed), and still has a lot of advantages over welding for some jobs. It is also something you can set up for at home relatively cheaply: All you need is oxygen/acetylene bottles and a torch to go with them. This gear also happens to be immensely useful for a lot of other jobs. This site is a complete brazing handbook, and even if it pushes one manufacturer's products, there's a lot of good info.

Brazing Book
I've been saving this for last... Beauty of Speed really IS a pretty website! The Gallic flair of designer/webmaster/BOS mastermind Eric Matieu is obvious (check out the screensavers!), but the content sure is interesting too. It's all about 1940's speed tuning. OK, mainly HD, but there's already a little bit of VI stuff linked in, and I'm sure Eric is open to more Indian info. At least the tech section is useful for Indian racers to check out what the opposition is up to! :-) Quite interesting is also the section about the Flathead Racing Association France. It seems we will get vintage Class C racing here in Europe soon.

Beauty of Speed
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