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   Legion Chief Frame
Frank Woslum had hoped to be able to bring us some solid news (a finished prototype, actually) this month, but he sent this (kinda interesting too!) Click on pictures for full size
The fab shop has been dragging their feet on the Prototype and haven't finished it!  Haven't any photos, so I won't have anything written up for this month. I can tell you that because of the way fab shops do business here and the cut-throat, "what's in it for me" attitude I won't be marketing finished frames! Instead, I will offer the frame kits for user completion. All bent members and burned parts will ship with each kit and final assembly/welding will be left up to the user. Everything will be there, but I won't offer them until I can get a prototype completed. I want to be sure everything  fits! The price (another reason for the kit concept) will be $375 + shipping. I will try to get them even lower than that but for now, that looks realistic! What do you think? This way I can avoid the added expense of Liability  insurance and get some frames out there. On the Horizon, I have a 75% complete design to use the same frame kit  with a different mounting arrangement to accept the Scout/Warpath engine and  transmission and per Dave Clements' suggestion, I have begun a design for the "Legion Softail" using existing H/D rear members. This one is a bit more engineering intensive and will take a bit of time. I have suppliers in place now for the materials and formed components so the projects should be rolling soon. BTW, the "ugliest frame I had ever seen" that Stan referred to is the "new project" photo on the Tenino page of last month's VI! I prefer to think of it as "Aesthetically Challenged"!
Legion frame. For more details, see last month's article

Aesthetically challenged frame at the Tenino meet...

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