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  New Parts from Kiwi Indian
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40871 Drive housing, Chief. $49.95 

40871-OS .003" oversize $59.95 

41373 41373 Distributor sleeve, fits into either cast iron or Aluminum oil pumps. Fixes a wobbly distributor $12.95 

22B19 Pinion housing, Chief 1922-47. $24.95 

504006 Pinion housing, Chief 1948-53.

20B101 Pinion housing, Sport Scout/741 (left). $49.95

20B101S for 57" stroker Sport Scout with Chief flywheels and pinion shaft. (right). $59.95

40872 Drive housing also available.

42189 7-piece rod bearing race tool. $59.95

101826 Valve cover pliers.

35W242 Tappet adjustment wrenches. Set of 2. $14.95

75305/6 Connecting rods, Chief. CNC machined forged 4130 ChroMo steel. $299.95 

22B61/2 Rod races. $47.95

41852/13 Cam follower pivot pin. Now made as a one piece unit for precision. Also available in oversize bushing end. $14.95

93001/2 Bonneville Scout cams. Fits Sport Scout, 741. $429.95 

37303 Chief Intake manifold nut made with the correct 1-13/16 hex. $14.95 

39933 Offset kickstart stud, allows for perfect engagement of the 28 or 32 tooth gear into the kickstart lever. Just rotate the stud (since it is on a cam) to obtain correct engagement. Also made .020" oversize end that fits into the frame. $44.95

39324 Generator drive shaft $39.95 

Kiwi says about their new shift levers: We have made sure the keyway location is in the correct position for the bellcrank in order for the lever to be in the right position. 

We will also be offering our own bellcrank that will be an exct reproduction of the original. This will have a machined keyway and taper (rather than cast in) in order for it to be correct. Price will be less than current bellcranks. More on this later.

Info or orders for Kiwi parts, email Steve Adams at indian@kiwi-indian.com

85983 Left hand shift lever (left) $64.95. 

86916 Right hand shift lever (right) $64.95

New bellcranks soon.

212002  46-53 front wheel lug bolts $4.99. 614004  46-53 rear wheel lug bolts $4.50

36B317 Pre 46 wheel hub race $29.95 (left). 41273 38-45 Wheel hub bearing support $37.95 (right).

Others also available: 40844 1937 wheels (one year only) and 796021 1946-53 sidecar wheel. $49.95

Lots of other wheel parts in the Kiwi catalog, which is $15 ($20 overseas) including postage.

174005 46-48 and 174008  50-53 front axles, both $49.95

Rigid Chief and 4 axles: 1937-39 front and 1932-39 rear. All $29.95

Kiwi axles are made from one piece "Stressproof" barstock and turned down for the 9/16" size for a super strong axle. Don't settle for inferior two piece designs. A strong safe part is job 1 on such a critical item, says Kiwi. 

"Stressproof" axles are also available from Ziggy, email: ziggysmotorwork@aol.com

1946-53 wheel hub oil (grease) seal. Kiwi says: We have made this seal specifically to suit this application. Off the shelf seals are 1/4" wide while the original and Kiwi's is 7/32" wide. Since we had a huge quantity special made we can offer these at a very reasonable $5.50

27B52 1922? to 45 leaf spring forks front rocker pivot knurled stud (what a description!). $19.95. From the material we use, these will probably never ever wear out, says Kiwi.

535004 Control cable swivel, fits to carb and distributor. We made tons (well, quite a lot) of them so the price is right, comes complete as shown $2.99

1781004 Sparkys $4.99/pr 

Kiwi says: We located the original manufacturer of this original aftermarket
replacement item and we are having several thousand produced. These things work great particularly in real wet conditions.

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