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   Kiwi Chief Heads
   By Moen
Finally. Here's the pictures of Kiwi's new Chief cylinder heads, and it turned out they were worth waiting for! I've never seen Indian heads look as good as these, and the price isn't bad either.

The casting patterns were CAD designed, and CNC machined for total accuracy. Then one of the top foundries in the US (who does engine castings for a number of very well respected manufacturers; OEM, aftermarket and NASCAR racing stuff) cast the heads in 356 aluminum, which were then heat treated to T6 specifications. CNC machining finishes off the heads to the extreme standards seen in the photos.

As of now 74" heads are available at the introduction offer price of $299.95 a pair for the first batch. Regular price will be $375.95.

80" and Bonneville heads will be available soon.

That also goes for Kiwi's new 1948-style crankcases. These are made to the same exacting tolerances as the heads, and in the same top grade 356-T6 aluminum. They come with matched cam covers and will retail for $1199.95. The first batch is up for pre-orders now at just $999.99! Stay tuned for pictures.

Further on new parts, Kiwi says:

We also have in production new oil pump plungers to suit the cast iron oil pumps. These will also be available with a .003 oversize plunger (small dia end). We also have in production every individual part for the cast iron pump.

We also have in production many factory tools that in some cases have been modified to work better than the original tool. All will be priced very reasonable and be of our usual extremely high quality. Some are drop forged for a super strong tool rather than lower strength investment castings. You won't find better tools than Kiwi's, we'll garantee that. All tools will carry a lifetime warranty, that's confidence. 

If any of you saw our sample valve cover pliers at Davenport, you'll be even more impressed of what we have upcoming. How about a 7 piece (not a 5 pc) rod race installation tool kit for $59.95. With our 7 piece kit there is no fancy juggling necessary to install races, one of the pieces assists in obtaining the correct protrusion out of the rod. Special 7/16" tappet wrenches made specifically for Indian's. $14.95 for a pair of them (that's only $7.50 a piece). They even come in chrome. Expert tools made by and for experts. Tons more tools are in production.

If anyone has a particular grind of cam that they would like, whether it is for Chief or Scout, we can have these special made to your specs. Minimum order is 10 pieces.

More about these parts and tools here (tons of pix, so page loads slowly).

Click on pictures for full size

New Kiwi 74" Chief heads. 
$299.95 intro offer

The heads look great on the inside too.

Kiwi paid very close attention to detail. The maximum amount of material possible between these 2 critical gasket blowing areas has been left in place. All heads have the combustion chamber centered between these holes.

Made by Kiwi Indian in the USA.

Don't forget to take a look at Kiwi's Dealer Page in this issue too. Apart from some interesting reading, there's a discount for VI Mailing List members!

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