October 2000 Newsflash 
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Century Ride Home

The cross-continent ride from LA to the Wigwam in Springfield, MA in June/July 2001 to celebrate the 100th birthday of the Indian heas finally gotten its own website. Check it out here: www.centuryridehome.org

VI Lister Steve Adams is the organizer, and can be reached at ride@kiwi-indian-com

Several riders have already signed up, as well as a number of sponsors (remember; all proceeds go to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, and the Ride is a registered chairty), but there's room for plenty more of both!

The VI, for lack of cash, sponsored the Century Ride Home in a smal way with web design (which is another explanation for the delay of the Ride site!) ;-)

Click logo for the Century Ride Home website!
Status of Indian Illustrated Magazine

Ever since Indian Motorcycle Illustrated (the only commercial hardcopy all-Indian magazine in recent times) went down, there have been speculations about its resurrection. Editor/publisher Buzz Kanter says:

We were hoping to have this out and back in print in 2001, but for a number of reasons, that doesn't look likely. We do still have most back issues available and for sale for $5 each plus $5 per order s&h. Call Wanda at 203/425-8777 for issue availability and to order. We take Mastercard and Visa.

Indian Project in American Iron

Buzz also edits/publishes American Iron Magazine (which mostly deals with HD stuff), but:

We are in the midst of an Indian project bike in American Iron Magazine. Basically we took my old 741/Scout backyard racer and redid it as a more modern bobber for the street. It is a multipart article which will end in a few months with a full color feature on the finished bike. 

Indian Related Stories Wanted

However! -Buzz plans to run a 16 page Indian color supplement in AI for at least a year, starting with the February 2001 issue, and he says:

The staff of American Iron Magazine is looking for solid Indian-related editorial, ranging from full color feature bikes to tech and how-to as well as products worth reviewing, tours and cool stories having to do with Indians. Contact me at Indianbuzz@aol.com, fax 203/425-8775 or write to American Iron Magazine, 1010 Summer St., Stamford, CT 06905.

Look for a story by the VI's own Bob Kelley in the February 2001 AI!

Not much on American Iron Magazine's website right now, but it says there will be soon.
The Stan/Rob Picture Review

Last month we had the dubious pleasure of bringing you a picture which Rob Olsen said was of his good friend Stan at this year's Davenport meet (If you absolutely MUST look at it again, go to the King Clutch article in last month's magazine...). Returning the courtesy, this time Stan Jessup has sent a picture he swears is of his buddy Rob. Don't ask me. I'm just reporting here...

Stan sez: 

Well, being the subdued, soft spoken, nice guy that I am, I was going to leave this picture of Rob in the archives. I shot this during one of his "trolling" expeditions at Davenport. Obviously, he didn't know I saw him duck in the Men's room to change! I don't really know if he dredged up any action, cause I lost my cookies just after snapping this shot, and he scurried away, hot on the heels of some old guy with nipple rings............ Stan

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