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 Mystery Motor
Someone on the VI mailing list noticed this recent eBay auction. The bids went to $9,100.29 before closing, but the engine didn't meet the reserve and remained unsold.

Does anyone know more?  Replies to moen@get2net.dk will be posted here next month.

Left side


Hand clutch(?)
Timed breather

Right side

Factory statement of origin

Click on pictures for full size

Link to eBay page here:

This is what it said on the eBay page:

Indian factory Experimental 80 ci Big Base Chief motor, with Manufacturers Statement of Orgin. 

Big Base crank cases, multiple Clutch Discs, Hand Clutch Foot shift, Internal Oil return, High volume scavaging oil pump, Timed oil breather, Bonneville cams, Indian Stroker pistons, Three ring pistons, 80 ci rods, Non relieved 74 ci heads, 1" 1/8 Linkert carb. 

This is the rarest Indian Chief engine ever made that only a few people know ever existed. It came from the Springfield Mass. Indian Factory in 1954 after Indian went under. Indian Dealers had the opportunity to go to the Factory an take what they needed. A Dealer bought it on May 5 1954 at the factory. 

This is maybe the most important piece of Indian History in the developement of the Chief motor. 

The names on the statement of Orgin have been edited to protect the privacy of the original owners. They will only be revealed to the high bidder when it sells. Please No tire kickers or Dreamers. Serious Inquiries Only. Shipping to be determined at point of sale. Happy Bidding.

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