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Davenport Race Story (link here)
My dad, George Maune, at 73, rode in the Davenport races. He finished sixth in the boardtrack novice class. By the way, his bike was a 1920 Indian big valve is what I believe he told me. Anyway, he is interested in receiving some information. First, is the Virtual Indian Magazine available in print, and if not can he print some of the pages? Second, are any pictures of the novice race available? There are none available on the Blackhawk Chapter web site as of yet. The picture of the sidecars you have posted is of Gene Baron, age 75 in the white flexicar bike. Gene also rode in the expert class and finished third. The other ride is Mike (?) who also rode in the expert class. Please let me know any answers you may have to the above. My e-mail is agmaune@yahoo.com Thanks for your help. Art Maune 

Indians Are Remembered
Some six years ago I was the maintenance supervisor at the Myrtle Point Care Center in Oregon. One day, as I was walking down the hall, one of the semi-comatose and wheel chair bound residents extended her arm as if to point at me. As part of our training is to be responsive to the residents, I knelt down and tried to understand what she was trying to say.  She kept pointing at me but was unable to say anything. I realized she was pointing at the Indian Chief Motocycle on the t-shirt Dave Hansen from The Shop had given me. I said "yes, I had an Indian Motocycle". At this moment she lit up and exclaimed "Me too!" To the best of my knowledge this was her last rational moment. She passed on within the week. When I was helping her relatives with her effects, I relayed what had happened.  I was informed that she did indeed have an Indian Chief and that she and her husband had done extensive touring in the 1930's. The doctors told me that it is not uncommon for a person's last thoughts be of long gone pleasant memories. From the smile on her face, I would say she enjoyed her days on her Indian Chief. Ron Grabowski rdgrab@gte.net

A lot of the very nice letters dropping into the VI editorial inbox every month are too good to just reply to and forget, but too short to make a full story. This page is for those letters. Keep 'em coming.

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