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841 information?
Thanks for the great website. I purchased an 841 Indian yesterday, and am searching for information. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
Todd Alterego2000@email.msn.com

Scout enthusiasts?
Dear Virtual Indian.  I just found your website the other day and loved seeing all the things that some of the Scout enthusiasts are doing.  I aquired a 640 Scout (bobbed) a 741, and a 640 based flat track racer several years ago and am planning to restore them someday. I have been chasing parts for some time and have spares of some things and need a lot of others. I would love to hear from other Scout enthusiasts. I live in the Redwood City area of California. John Jward84@juno.com

1922 Scout parts?
Who would be the best person to source an pre-30's Indian Scout part? I am looking for a set of cams, lifters and gears for a 1922 Scout. Look forward  to hearing from you. JP jon-paul.bingham@yale.edu

Parents' motorcycle group 1946-50?
I am seeking info. about a motorcycle group that my parents belonged to in the years 1946 -1950 (give or take a few years).  They lived in Gramby, CT.  and my mom thinks she remembers the group being out of Simsbury, CT. or Windsor Locks, Ct.  Does anyone out there know anyone who may know something?  I would appreciate any assistance you may be able to offer. Thank you in advance for your time and efforts.
Hope and Joe Nemie H20pas@aol.com

1919 Powerplus?
Thank you for any information you may be able to help me with. I need a value for an Indian Powerplus. Engine number 88M716, year 1919. Approximately 90% original. Gracias. I write from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Marcos Ruiz marcosruiz@surnets.com.ar

Hello, Need some help estimating a value for a 1950-1958 Indian Scout Royal Enfield  Motorcycle that is in Basket Case condition, all parts present, partially assembled. If you can help in any way, or direct us to an answer, it will be appreciated. Thank You,
Todd, Kari, and Bobbie outnabout2@hotmail.com

The VI Editorial inbox occasionally receives cries for help from VI readers not fortunate enough to have found the VI mailing list (with all its friendly Listers standing by to help) yet. This page, a new regular feature, is dedicated to bringing the questions and requests for help to the attention of the VI readers at large. 

If you have an answer please send it to us at moen@get2net.dk and we will post it here next month. It just might help others with similar problems too. You can also write the folks with the problem directly, even if it would be nice to get your answer here on this page. If you click on the blue email addresses a mail form should pop up. If it doesn't, just copy the email addresses.

If you have a problem, just write us at the same address and we'll post your question here next month.

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